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$500 billion illegal betting Butt...who pays?

Paying thousands of pounds to a few cricketers to bowl the odd no ball at specific times in a cricket game, has been revealed as part of a massive betting scam, and its culprits (or rather a few of the small fry in that scam) sent to prison.
crooked cricket
I am not interested in pouring more opprobrium on those exposed. I am just frustrated because no one is explaining to me just who is losing the money that these illegal betting syndicates are making on this large scale swindle?

I mean - now that the whole spot fixing idea is exposed - how do the betting syndicates manage to persuade any sucker to bet on there not being a no ball in the 17th over's 4th ball?

Surely it must be another bookmaker ready to offer odds on anything, not an individual? so the crooked syndicate gets a whole load of individuals to go along and place these bets - that don't seem suspicious at all, even when they pay off... cough - cough...
Are these (also illegal) semi-innocent bookies really that naive?

The bookies in this country (with the advantage of being legal) all report suspicious betting patterns on any event - surely the sort of bookmaker who is being taken for billions by these crooks must have some method of spotting the crooked bet?

Anyone care to explain - tweet me on @smileoftdecade


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Emmerich: "Santa Claus bombed twin towers!"

dickhead with a hard on for moneyThe latest tired attempt to make money out of the notion that "somebody else wrote all Shakespeare's plays!" comes from renowned idiot Roland Emmerich.

What is it with modern media makers?
It is bad enough to see the endless piles of "Bush blew up the Twin Towers!" and "Man never went to the moon!" conspiracy nuts peddling their juvenile cognitive dissonance bullshit, without having 'successful' film-makers peddling more of this "...in history, reality is too boring" line in movies, just made to feed that over hyped market of the AAA -
(All American Assholes).
You can laugh it off as amusing entertainment, but really...
let's just rewrite history so that America never won the war of independence shall we? (BTW the French actually won it for them, YES, conspiracy of silence about that) and see how that plays out...

In reinforcing the 2012 and other future apocalypse conspiracy idiocies you are just pathetic - but in vainly trying to attach this juvenile approach to a real past that you clearly have no real interest in, you are no better than those scumbag Scientologists.
Emmerich, you are a sad, sad man


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Viewers may find dead bodies upsetting

kicked and shot Gaddafi body Reporters have expressed some feelings of "being disturbed" by seeing a wounded Colonel Gaddafi captured, kicked, spat at and shot on camera and now, via the public media, seen around the world.

The sense of it being rough justice tempers their emotions perhaps, but to children in total ignorance of any Libyan politics, the image of pensioner being set upon by a mob and killed may be just a tad disturbing...or is it?

How do we know how the facts, reportage and imagery intertwine to create our culture's expectations of the human world? It is a well known truism that in news media, "if it bleeds it leads" and that 1 dead Englishman is of the same newsworthiness as 10 dead Frenchmen 1,000 dead Indians and 1,000,000 dead Chinese. Yet we also hide the bodies of dead English from the front pages and TV cameras...they are to be seen only in coffins in calm dignified surroundings.

Asian & African dead on the other hand... well there is one type that can be said to cause huge disturbance to viewers and this was made clear with the recent news from Ohio.

bodies that upset you. The uproar from animal rights activists over the killing of an amazing list of exotic animals (That's the official phrase) let loose by a private "owner" in Ohio has been newsworthy in many countries. The level of upset is palpable and many have been in tears of rage over the shooting dead of 18 tigers among many other exotic - if less endangered, wild animals.

The local law enforcement officers who shot the lions and tigers and bears, (Oh my!) were as perplexed by this reaction as I was.
The facts of the background amazed me far more. Only in America could an "ordinary man" - recently released from prison and with domestic troubles, "clearly disturbed" and in possession of guns of course - be in charge of such a wild collection of animals.

During this same recent period, Israelis have been celebrating a prisoner exchange that returned one captured Israeli conscript in exchange for 1000 captured Palestinians...
and while many commented that this seemed somewhat disproportionate, the numbers pretty fairly reflect the casual rate of killing that has gone on in that region with little by way of NATO Military strikes against those who attack and kill defenceless civilians in their own homes.

Is there a large body of baby rights activists in the USA and UK ringing to object to the regular killing of Palestinian children? -
and as the answer is clearly, "no", is this because they are not endangered? or not such nice exotic animals in the eyes of those rights activists?
OR is it something to do with perceptions of innocence - whatever that is?

I think we, the people of all ages and nations, need to see and hear all about death and how it happens, and learn to understand what proportional importance really means, as well as what the media obsessions are about and why.


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Relativity, News lists and personal bias

Gaddafi dead - do I really care about Libya?
Occupy movement - getting their coffees from Starbucks?
Republican Candidates - will today's rapture slim the field down?
European debt cavern - dig another cavern? not me - bad back
Adam Werrity - is he a badger waiting to be culled?
Newspapers dying - can the Daily Mail die? (slowly & painfully please)
Electric cars not taking off - planes instead?
Chinese running over toddlers - do I care more than them?
Tigers loose in Ohio - soon dead and gone

good game good game

What is actually important?
for me - its having a cure for this *****ng back problem
and Luton winning in style at Grimsby tonight...

Knowing what is really important in life is the key to contentment.


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International Law must be obeyed.

A bomb plot - some Drug cartel bandits - a Saudi ambassador who isn't - threats of war and more...

US Attorney General Eric Holder said Iran's involvement in the plot was "a flagrant violation of US and international law".

If proven that Iran did indeed back this, that would of course be true.
Unproven, it is still likely, sources tell us, that the USA will go ahead and try and take some military action against Iran.

As you might guess from the previous post, I am no fan of the Iranian regime, (just like most of its more intelligent residents... who are generally more intelligent than the majority of Americans who don't like their leader)...
isn't it a little odd that a suspected state support for such an action might justify an attack?
I mean - drone attacks on Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan don't strike me as being the lone actions of some drug cartel and an American rogue agent...
Maybe you feel that the Al Qaeda suspects deserved such summary execution ( along with all those alongside them) but to claim that one is a supporter of international law while doing this sets a state up for ridicule.
How would the average Iranian citizen, speaker of four languages and graduate of modern history view the United States' public actions and statements?

Were the several hundred (all that were tried clearly failed) planned attacks on Fidel Castro, including via a sabotaged exploding cigar, in keeping with International law?
and the carpet bombing of Cambodia by Nobel prize winner Kissinger?
Incidentally the man (pictured right) who they were trying to kill, recently wrote this on the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

"The idea that they would attempt to go to a Mexican drug cartel to solicit murder-for-hire to kill the Saudi ambassador, nobody could make that up, right?”

Hillary Clinton
US secretary of state

Of all the historical breaches of international law since the establishment of the United Nations, America must be responsible for more than most. So threatening to go all bombastic against the admittedly lunatic regime of Iran - as if the middle east situation might not be made catastrophically worse by such an action - seems a little hypocritical.

This particular extension of the *cough* success stories that were Vietnam, Chile, Iraq and Afghanistan, might be popular with idiot Zionists and even some Saudis - but it is pouring petrol on a fire that is adjacent to a nuclear fuse.


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An open letter to I'm a dinner jacket

The title linked story indicates someone whose grasp on the concepts of leadership and national justice has slipped the bonds of humane reality and become deserving only of the total stripping of all power and status...

Dear Mr President
I'madinnerjacket,dickhead extraordinaire

The western world already has you down as an insane moron of course, correctly so it seems. This will not bother you since your "Yes men entourage" will help you fail to perceive that the overwhelming majority of the world population who have heard of you probably think the same.

It seems ironic therefore that you are endeavouring to create a similarly horrific impression of your ghastly ego driven insanity even inside the borders of your own country.
The judicial 74 lashes of one of your citizens because he dared to write a criticism of your regime falls within that wonderful notion of proving the point of the critic.

Enough, - the ever decreasing few people who wish that you live another day are just wrong in their hopes and dreams...
you need to go, now.

How, and whether fatally, is up to you, in this country an officer in your army would simply have left you in your locked room with a revolver, but I doubt you could grasp that concept of honour. The notion of you being in charge of any other human being's life for another week is a sickening thing, and sickening to every God and human imaginable...

In the name of God, Go.

as someone else once famously said.


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It won't be of interest to many...

but I was very upset today to learn
of the passing of Graham Dilley.
Another premature cancer victim
- 3 years younger than me and the fast bowler I tried to emulate and whose name I was jokingly given by my midweek league cricket mates.

I had bleached blonde wavy hair, got batsmen out and bowled fast - well about 3/4 of the speed he managed.
In fact this photo is remarkably akin to one of me taken around 1982.
memories of those times - of watching him and Botham enjoying themselves and turning the impossible game around to win the Ashes in 1981. This man was a quiet great of a game I continue to love, and his county Kent, was my team of choice.

Thanks for all the great days Graham.


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Are you sure you meant Ed..?

wrong choice boys
"Is it me Lord?..
...is it me?",

Potter's Son of Man asked. The lost Labour voters will be watching the enthusiasm of the conference faithful saying,
"Yes! he is the Messiah!"

...and be unable to get out of their minds, the idea of him being just,
"a very naughty boy"...
Polly Toynbee in the Guardian praises the content of his speech to the conference faithful today. She adds this comment:

"Miliband is no orator and too earnest to be an actor – a disability but hardly terminal when few people ever hear a political speech. Is he prime ministerial material? New opposition leaders rarely seem so. In 1976 Margaret Thatcher looked utterly implausible, her party aghast after selecting her by mistake. The press laughed at Ted Heath's press conferences. John Major was a charisma-free zone and Harold Wilson was hardly an alpha male. Attlee would be a non-starter today. Blair's easy showmanship looks achingly artificial now, no model to emulate either."

I could echo - "He is no orator, nor is he attractive, Does he look insane and unelectable? Labour leaders often seem so." This rhetorical device isn't helping here Polly, you heard his whole speech, the public hear his adenoidal tones and see his mad eyes.

Those of us who are not die hard party followers think that his brother David would have been a much more attractive proposition, and but for the twists of the strange party AV voting system, so apparently did the membership.
David would have been just as capable of raising the faithful to applause, and of having a good crack at an argument with the other David - Mr Prime Minister Cameron. The biggest difference is not policy or framework building strategy - it is that he would have looked and sounded... better, more appealing, more plausible, more electable in a way that Ed just doesn't.

Clement Atlee is not the only one of Polly's list who could not get elected in the post 2010 world. All except Tony Blair, who she picks out as a phoney now (with hindsight) would be equally shown to the voting public and found wanting under today's intense media spotlight.

I am sorry that the public appetite for freak jeopardy shows and beauty contests has debased the wider discourse in politics, but it has; it is the reality in which we reside.
Ed, you don't convince me, as a left of centre traditional labour voter (tradition of the 1990s), and if you don't convince me then that must mean a large majority of the country will never be convinced either...

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