What the daily reprise of “ANTISEMITE!” shouts really mean.

I am not a “Corbynista”, not a “Corbynite”, nor a “Cult of Corbyn” member nor even a Corbyn fan,
as a member of the Green party I might be better described as a “Lucasista” – but of course there are very few attacks on that prominent MP in the media, mainly because, at the moment, she presents no threat to them.

a tiny sample – plus an intriguing counterpoint.

Are you, like me, sceptical of Corbyn’s leadership skills? – his inability to sort out internal squabbling and all levels of party politics? or, also like me, a bit sick of the daily “Corbyn is an anti-Semite” stories being regurgitated in the media? and wondering what sort of journalists keep making these repeat statements…
– as if they were unaware of being manipulated into a context-free piece of prejudice by their owner-created fears of what Corbyn’s Labour might do..?

Because let’s face it – the Tory party record on race hate, including anti-Semitism and all other forms of prejudice, is appalling and worthy of probably quadruple the amount of coverage that the Labour party’s sad but average anti-Semitic problems (real but minor) actually deserve.

It is of interest that the papers never went down the “Ed Milliband is an anti-Semite friend of terrorists!” line back in 2015 – well one sort of did
Of course, Ed comes from a Jewish family, and while the press delighted in showing him mangling a bacon sandwich, why was that the limit of their accusations? The party was fundamentally the same huge organisation then as now, it would be insane to say that the reason Corbyn was swiftly attacked as an anti-Semite was because suddenly the party was full of them like never before…

It seems they didn’t find him a threat.
He was, contrary to the hopes of those who voted for him as party leader above his own brother, a friend of the establishment. He met with Benjamin Netanyahu, cried some tears over Gaza, but defended the status quo and tried to keep on board with all warring factions within his party by remaining basically still a neo-liberal – albeit with a modernising left of centrist agenda… His “block of stone” election pledges would have kept a winter lamb warm they were so woolly.
and yet C4, so often seen as a leftie arm of the established media, did feature his election failure in a way that few have featured similar financial issues as now being put to the CPS by the Police (don’t expect any action on Vote Leave illegality whilst Johnson is still PM.)

By contrast – Corbyn represents a real threat.
The media barons, those with offshore wealth plans, and those lowly sheeple blinded by “commie menace” messages worthy of Dr. Strangelove characters, find him terrifying.
They find it hard to catch him out on the topic of the NHS – all the media footage shows him being welcomed by medical staff – whereas Johnson is virtually booed out of the places by doctors, and no matter how hard the Tories/Neoliberals shout about “the NHS not being for sale”, people have already seen the piecemeal sell off (that Blair also encouraged) that means Branson’s Virgin, BUPA and many other companies are now profiting from NHS funds.
They find it hard to attack him on the issue of Rail nationalisation – because everyone wants it, ditto national infrastructure, like water –
The whole threat of a return to disastrously wasteful nationalisation that was the great bogie man used by Thatcherites seems to have drained away, as we have discovered that private business tends not to be the lovely answer to those human failures after all. (the problems with nationalised industries were always more to do with unions of that time, poor political leadership and bad internal organisation IMO).

So many attacks that they would like to use are undercut by the public knowledge of the Right/Tories bad behaviour and very effective ripping off of the nation’s wealth.
The problem for the very wealthy is that, it’s not just rail, his policies generally are well liked, even among economists and many natural Tory voters
as long as they are not associated with him as leader.
So why is it that he is widely seen as this bogeyman?
(A. see every paper’s coverage since 2015)

For the very wealthy, what he threatens is to prevent them from carrying on making bucket-loads of superfluous cash, mostly squirrelled away off shore – and much of it effectively “defrauded by legal means” from the UK tax pot.
This is also one of the reasons why they hate the EU and have been lobbying against it for decades.
So their answer to these headaches is:
Smear Corbyn as an anti-Semite – all made easy by his visible support for Palestinian rights and the need to uphold UN resolutions about Israel’s theft of Palestinian lands –
OH – did I say “UN resolutions on Israeli land theft” – Yes?- I must be an antisemite. There is no more effective weapon it seems – as those orthodox Jews in New York (pictured top right) have found – supporting Palestine’s right to settled legal borders means that the Israeli lobby will happily spit in your eye, even when you are behatted defenders of the Torah…

As a weapon it can unite the establishment against your chosen target, in this case, Jeremy Corbyn – but whoever else looks likely to get enough backing and dares to challenge the hegemony of wealthy power-brokers. The Tories are guaranteed to be free of such daily media attack – just as they are guaranteed to never attack the rights of the wealthy to make the rules that allow them to profit from everyone else’s money.

I am not sure I would be happy with a Corbyn government by Christmas.
But I would be delighted if his Labour had more seats and/or wielded more power than the Tories, in a hung parliament. With 40 or so Lib Dems, 50 SNP and 5 Greens holding the balance of power. Let Prime Minister Corbyn test his skills at handling a hostile media and have sway for a while.
Force Johnson into that promised ditch – and then bring about genuine Proportional Representation so that we get off this infernal bi-partisan model that has the nation at loggerheads with itself and a century behind the advanced nations of Europe.

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Surprising things about ageing you don’t want to know.

I remember looking forwards to the year 2000 a while before Prince’s 1999 came out, and thinking how far away it was, no idea I would celebrate it with a wife and 9 and 8 year-old daughters.
Now I think,
how long ago it was.
I look at how things just keep happening, according to this insistent linear time, and wonder: how am I going to, how can any of us, hand on what passes for wisdom to our children and grandchildren so they make better mistakes than I did? It is probably impossible,
and possibly a bad mistake to try.

So I am listing some things anyway:
Firstly, death.
I thought I had kind of come to some deal with death as it became non-scary back when I nearly died in 1983 and I found myself fearless for a while afterwards, and it’s true that my own death doesn’t feel scary, still just an unwanted inevitability.
The death thing is something that just keeps knocking on your back door – death of a wife, death of parents, death of all uncles and aunts, favourite or dirty, death of best friends, death of a friendship, death of democracy,
and of faith…
Watching the Crown, the scene with Graham Sutherland exploring Churchill’s darkest paintings and his own, their sharing of the deep pain of the death of a child, and I am so thankful that I have not had to suffer that, and genuinely sad for those who have.

So the death thing is not banished by modern health care and sharper rituals, just as we intellectually accept we cannot escape it, its spread cannot escape your notice if you have lived any kind of decent human life. People always say, “It’s pain we are scared of, not death”
– yes, maybe,
and that includes the pain of loss, something your own death will inflict on others, but others’ deaths inflict on you, like deep stab wounds.
A wise doctor, at the Hospice where I volunteered, told a young man dying of AIDS that if we could look forwards to birth in the way that we look forwards to death, then we should be really terrified! – oxygen depletion, pregnancy traumas, strangulation, immense pressure – so many things that can be destructive or damaging…
whereas with death, nothing can go wrong.

The pain thing is a harder grind to come to terms with, and the realisation that when older people answer the question, “How are you?” with the answer, “doing fine, thanks”, they generally mean, “no terminal diagnosis yet”, and not, “I’m well and free from pain”.
All those people who look fine and well walking the streets who are over 60, they probably have pains on a daily or weekly basis. Arthritis, injuries, back pain, hips, knees, gastric, teeth, (Hey kids, watch out for those teeth! gum disease is a killer) and those are just the physical hurts… Like a to do list, it can get added to faster than the painful burdens get disappeared.
Playing Rugby may be long ago off the agenda, but I was sad to lose cricket this year, aches and pains making the run up to bowl, and catching the ball almost an impossibility.

An important note: Keep moving.
All the research shows that as soon as you cease taking a walk of a minimum of 400 metres a day, you are on the slippery slope, decline and then loss of mobility and health which typically leads to a care home as per my mother in law (shudder).

So with all these “not very nice” aspects of ageing, what are the life hacks and lessons that can make it, not just bearable – so you don’t book a short stay in Switzerland – but enjoyable?

First thing I would say, from my own experience, which involves a fair degree of so called luck as well as personal development – is sex.

Being in love with a woman who loves me, since the age of 49 has led to more joy in bed than I ever believed possible. You do have to use your brain and get past the otherwise welcome loss of animalistic action and reaction, to become as free minded and playful as a child between the sheets, but wisdom can create the most wonderful relaxed and glorious unions.
The vanity, performance anxiety, goal orientation, the urgency, can all be melted away, leaving a better set of experiences than a thousand youthful fucks.
A divorce and then death of the woman you married as a partner for life need not mean repeating the same mistakes again and again, but lessons actually learned and ultimately, not game over, as so heavily telegraphed, instead, a new level of joy in living.

Second, there’s this surprising thing about not just meeting and marrying someone else the same age as me, but how fancying people from a distance (or appreciating beauty from wherever) is, for me, age appropriate.
I find I am not overly excited by youthful good looks, much more fascinated and drawn to the beauty of experience. I like how Jane Fonda looks now, I see greater beauty in the smile lines and body language that speaks of the breadth of a big life lived, and would not be drawn to her like I was as a teenager to the sexy naked poster I purchased for my bedroom door.
This does not appear to be the case for a large number of middle/later aged men, who seem to want to relive their own youth and are drawn to the blank canvas beauty of someone whose conversation they could not really be interested in. To me, these are the sad men, not the lucky ones.

Thirdly, IF, (and it’s an if that all need to specialise in eliminating), you have managed to learn how to earn just enough and live within your means, age can give you a welcome reduction in the previous worship of ambition and material hoarding. I find I now have a natural inclination to shed possessions and not collect them. I no longer seek more of what I already have. This liberation does not mean I do not seek adventure and a degree of risk, but that I am much better at judging what risks to take and where adventures are likely to be most rewarding. Having had a redundancy accompanied by a massively traumatic injustice, this is a crucial skill to avoid a descent into anger and despair.

I have projects, I have some goals, there are joyous surprises, and painful blows, from the younger generation’s woes to the pains in my toes.
And then there is the horrible awakening, that started at around the age of 45 I think, that all those in charge of running the country are no brighter or wiser than I am, (I used to think it was just a few),
that is a terrifying thing to get used to, when you know the many weaknesses and levels of ignorance that make you completely unqualified to do that job.

A decade ago today, my dad had had a lovely day in the garden, a bonfire, weeding his new (and ridiculously optimistic) asparagus bed, an evening with his favourite TV show, and late evening, there he stood at the bottom of the cottage stairs, with the slight headache for which Mum had told him to take some tablets a full hour earlier.
“I think I can make it to the top”,
was what she heard from the bathroom.
Famous last words.

April 4th, then 11th 2019 – Mum made it downstairs, to join him again
Happy arrival and departure days, Dad.
April 11th 1923 -10th/12th October 2009

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How legal habit sets out to make the innocent guilty

I am a fan of Matthew Scott QC.
His barrister blog is a perennial source of good insight and analysis, often brilliantly destroying the Tabloid takes on contentious cases.
He is respected by the appeal court, and many more, and has fought successfully for the innocence of the wrongly convicted, going where others fear to tread.
So this is in no way a criticism of him as an individual, more of a defendant and jury member’s alternative vision of what can go wrong in a court room with what is supposedly, due process.
He also has pieces published elsewhere, and this Spectator piece on the inherent bias against defendants that is being systematically built by government and others with hideous agendas, is essential reading.

The particular segment, pictured below, caused me to push back an idea based on my own experience of being a wrongly accused man, standing in a dock, facing the possibility of 8 years in jail and life on the sex offenders register. When marched into court for the pre-trial hearings (2 of them) I was reduced to the status of non person – a caged animal to be disposed of…

Few understand the effect this has on jury members, most of whom have only experienced bad TV versions of court dramas, and are novices to court reality.

I posted on Twitter, in response to this, my belief that my own experience could help other defendants falsely accused of sex crimes to ask for a removal of this massive disadvantage. The defendant has the right, and should demand, to sit outside the dock, able to hear, and interact in whispers with your legal team is a part of it – but the prevention of the jury seeing you as a guilty dangerous wild animal is definitely the key thing to be desired.

Barristers are just in their workplace – jurors and defendants naive actors, embedded in a drama

I have been a juror, in several trials, two separate fortnights of jury duty, and I well remember how my fellow jurors made assumptions based on the appearance of the defendant or indeed, the witnesses. I am also sadly experienced in being the accused – locked in a bullet proof cage where discomfort is exaggerated and hearing what lawyers are saying is next to impossible.
To these bewigged professionals working in their inadequate “offices”, this is generally not seen as important, so I thank Matthew for at least raising the issue – what is important to 90% of good lawyers is that they get to say what they want to say, to do their job. Whereas for the defendant the feeling of fear and shame, looking at potential conviction due to failures of the jury to see what is real, and knowledge that jurors are being primed to see you as guilty, is somewhat more important…

who’s a dick? I asked at pre-trial, my barrister asked,
and the judge was completely fine with it.

My point about the use of the dock being a habit is the important one here.
The question I would ask barristers is, “How often have you suggested requesting sitting outside to your client?”

…and how often have you then asked a judge – at the pre-trial hearing, if your client can sit outside the dock like an innocent human being? and if you were a defendant facing decades in jail – where would you want to sit?

and, re “in any individual case”?
not sure if there has ever been anything other than individual cases argued – and remarkably few of them by all accounts. – Who will even try to make this commonplace?

Any campaign to remove docks altogether will probably flounder on the basis of points as raised by advocate, Helga Speck.
There are indeed some defendants who need to be in a dock due to actual risks of danger, but this hasn’t made the USA adopt docks that incriminate suspects.

What I sense coming from the every day practitioners in the courts, is the determination to keep defendants from “interfering” in their own trials – and that is something I find extremely upsetting.
Not just because, had my case not been dropped, I couldn’t have taken being in the dock, straining to hear proceedings, with a straining back in agony, while at risk of being sent to prison on the basis of such parameters agreed for the case between judge, the CPS and Defence barristers… (“the whole truth” is never a possibility). I’d want to hear and take notes.

The risks we innocent defendants face include having duff lawyers – they are not all as good as Matthew Scott – and many have proven quite capable of selling their clients down the river. Those who have relayed such stories to me number in the hundreds, in online forums, and some of them stare out at you as blatant and corrupt abuse of a panicking docile defendant, and against whom there is little or no chance of redress.

So we could do with a semblance of respect from lawyers towards those of us whose lives are on the line… they can easily judge whether we are fit for the freedom to sit in court, (like all Americans do), and ask the judge for that simple piece of just process at the pre-trial hearing, prior to any jury getting to lay their prejudiced viewpoints upon us.
My suspicion is that, to too many lawyers, this “favour from a judge” appears to be an inconvenience that might embarrass them and about which they do not want to spend any time thinking.

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From boys to men …who don’t rape

I campaign mostly now for fellow victims of false accusations – but I also want to prevent rape, so…

who gets to be a perpetrator and who a victim?

The government has a strange way of tackling the issue of rape.
It tries to punish, but is so super keen to answer a desperate clamour for “more convictions” that it wildly flails out and ends up punishing the innocent.
It also employs some good people who try to get the young educated – but then kowtows to those who say meaningful sex and relationship education is a bad idea.

People do need to understand, before taking on the topic of rape and serious sexual assault, that there are some seriously lethal women’s organisations out there trying to bolster a fraudulent industry of women as only victims and permanently avoiding responsibility for wrecking innocent men’s lives.
– but – there needs to be some huge effort made, by men and women, and responsibility taken for teaching young men how to behave in ways that mean, eventually… rape is reduced to a history lesson topic.

Best way to do that? (Only way?)
Education, education, education…
and more particularly education about relationships and power.

hanging heads –

It is hard being a teenage boy – as hormones begin to drive you full pelt into a crazy mix of fears, curiosities and desires. I do remember it, but not that well anymore. I don’t pretend to have the perfect formula for making sure that those complex drives do not become harmful to anyone, but I am pretty sure that, left unaided, a lot of teenage boys persist in having dangerously bad ideas about the nature of women and what sex is all about, right into legal adulthood… and worse still, this creates a latent tendency to express frustration at a perceived lack of power by trying to dominate others,
whether this is bullying the smaller kid, or sexually abusing a cousin.

Psychologists have frequently made it clear – rape is always a crime of domination that comes with varying degrees of humiliation and/or physical and mental harm. It is not really a question of men “having natural sex drives and needing an outlet”, though there is of course the issue of “perverting the perception of the sex drive” – so that rape can seem like something one is almost expected to do…

One of the worst things the major middle eastern Religions have achieved over the centuries is making young men believe that masturbation (which can more than harmlessly relieve any built up sexual urges) should be proscribed, in favour of having sex with women.
Sex education can start right there with, “Wanking is good and healthy”.
Moving on, it can then go to, sex with other people is not something you do with strangers. (Objecting Grindr fans can go screw themselves).
But first – stop feeling guilty about masturbation whilst alone of an evening, and it feels good, so don’t stop doing it because someone told you it was wrong.

It’s not hard to see that confused and guilt-tripped feelings about this whole area of human interaction are a big contributing factor to what is a horrendous societal mess facing most westernised countries. The Feminist lobby are right now trying to make out that the masses of failed alleged rape cases in the UK is some fresh crisis, but the figures show that actual rapes are, and have been, running at a steady (and yes, unwelcome) figure, annually, for at least twenty years. The crisis that is most recent is one largely of their making – that of encouraging thousands of false reports of rape as part of an industry whereby women can become saintly victims without necessarily having had anything illegal happen to them at all.

So we have a battle to face down the myths, and create any allies among the politicised women of the world, in helping all young boys become men who would never dream of raping anyone –
(*even if enlisted in an invading army*.)

It will require a lot of work from men and women – work with boys in schools and clubs, families and any other gathered settings – work showing how men and women relate – how they can deal with confrontation, disagreement, different perceptions of the same situation, how we cope with desires when they are not straightforwardly shared. And let’s not get fixated on this simplistic notion of “consent”.

The assumption that sexual interactions are made up of male sexual predators and reluctant female permission granters/deniers is a farcical one. Aside from the complexities of same sex relationships that immediately make a mockery of that notion, the average short term sexual encounter, (that we might have called a one night stand, in my day), involves hopefully conversation yes, but a lot of non verbal signs and use of body language to signal desire. There is rarely that nice quiet and appropriate moment when either party might say, “Can I touch you?”

“The only thing one can do with a virgin like that darling, is pounce”

In fact, looking back to my own teenage years, thanks to societal conditioning, I spent a long time believing that women were never really attracted to men, and even if they possibly were, could not possibly be attracted to me. Only to discover that I had been missing the obvious signals of such desire due to these wrong ideas I had absorbed.

I could have done with some liberating sex education! – never got it, other than from my, belated, first girlfriends. So let’s get some of that, “what young men and women feel about themselves and each other” into seminars in place of “birds and bees” ideas about the biology.

And it can include talk about straight, gay, bi, trans people, a good long look at homosexuality – and its equally long history, including in the animal kingdom, (just to kick the rigidity out the homophobes) It doesn’t have to make any assumptions about where in the broad spectrum of sexuality each pupil sits at that time – just be as inclusive as possible – so that any individual who has been having trouble and hiding their reality can go home and feel – “hey – I am included – I am normal!”

We need schools to be much cleverer with educating people about sexuality, gender, identity and myths about sex, and to Hell with those bigot parents trying to block any such education when the result of abdication on this issue is the all too common violence experienced by LGBT people – especially trans people, who are disproportionately on the receiving end of beatings and murder from people who manifest that uneducated fear of “the sexual other”…

being beaten up for being Gay makes your education ban never OK.

Something has to start working… to get the figures for all sexual violence, rape, and misunderstandings of what rape is, down to the minimum possible. I will forever champion proper education – and decry the idea that arresting and charging more men, including the current outrageous number of falsely accused innocents, is in any way helpful.
Maybe we all need some educative help to grow the fuck up.

(* rape as a weapon of war is one of the more horrifically base tribal traits that echoes many behaviours in the animal kingdom where dominance has a genetic imperative and conquering other tribes or groups for that purpose is an horrific but well understood process)

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Women who are actually trying to exterminate men

Only a twisted world could allow such foul entities the freedoms this one still enjoys.

For those unaware of this person, what she has done, or what is currently going on, this is Beatrix, (Bea) Campbell,
and, with her co-conspirators, she is responsible for more wrecked lives and innocents’ deaths than 99% of armed forces generals on the planet.

Jay and his mum, Karen, Cheshire RIP Witch hunt victims

After the Ronaldsay Satanic child abuse scandal was blown apart, and then officially condemned by a very expensive enquiry, you might have thought that those involved in heavily promoting these 16th Century witch-hunting fantasies would have skulked away and kept quiet for the remainder of their sad lives.

But no, just like those much mocked cults where leaders promise escape to the stars in a special space ship hidden in the tail of a comet, (as long as members all commit suicide on a certain end of the world day) – these dangerous haters of humanity went on to double down on the whole fantasy of satanic abuse – whilst miraculously retaining academic respectability in the United Kingdom.

How is that even possible?
How did she go on to be asked to be on child abuse review panels, make two more highly “influential” and totally wrong reports on supposed child abusers – ruining innocent families lives and being publicly condemned when judges awarded damages against her reviewing team?

Not only did she survive this triple disgrace without any state prosecution or civil case ruination, (her employing council paid out the damages) it was only a matter of 15 years later she was accepting an OBE for services to equality

So what empowers this monster? – how does she continue to be some kind of establishment voice despite her well documented heinous crimes against humanity? – the answer, I am sorry to say, lies in the way that 1970s style noble feminist ideas about equality and fairness have been replaced since Y2K with embedded myths about collective male guilt and female moral superiority. And the most effective weapon deployed by these modern day witch-hunters is accusations of sexual abuse.

So much so that when the pioneering feminists, like Germaine Greer and Janet Radcliffe Richards, try and reclaim some degree of sanity in a desire for human equality – the misandry of the new #metoo orthodoxy spits venom at them and decries them for not being feminist enough…

The establishment, featuring as a typical example, Mr Keir Starmer, an erstwhile respectable lawyer and politician, seeks to appease the industry of sex abuse allegations by promising “action to prevent rape” and “action against child sexual abuse”
– easy slogans for guaranteed appeal to pitchfork mobs everywhere.

If you want to prevent rapes, Mr Starmer et al, the only way is via proper relationship education of young boys, including the joyous true benefits of masturbation, as opposed to their current conditioning:- to be ignorant, guilt ridden, frustrated, culturally religious wankers.

Mr Starmer was of course, only partly responsible for this anti-justice farce, his successor as Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, another leading dark-light, and the whole blinkered mess of Feemenists* (men & women who see backing Feminism as their ticket to success) were/are all complicit.
The notion that testimony of a rape complainant should be enough for a jury to convict, in the absence of any corroborating evidence whatsoever, has thus been enshrined in English & Welsh law.

The added Feminist-urged politicised notion that followed, of needing to “increase convictions” is a disastrous one. Convictions should of course always reflect proper investigations and prosecutions. Starmer, Saunders and the Feemenists thus set the ambitious detectives running after more convictions with the instructions to, “believe the victim”, when it came to rape/sexual assault accusations. The police took it to mean – don’t bother to investigate properly, we can now go straight to charging on the strength of this believed accuser’s story…

Furthermore, if you start by calling the complainant “victim” and the accused person, “perpetrator”, you have already decided guilt before any investigation starts. A judge’s report highlighting how these failures created the monstrous failure of Operation Midland has been almost totally ignored by Police and CPS.

The police have been doing more than just start with believing – they also use that enshrined ruination of the law to “fail to disclose” – and avoid all proper investigation. In many cases evidence that fell, or was pushed, into their laps that exonerated the suspect – has mysteriously fallen out of their laps, unexamined. Their culture of conspiracy and hiding inconvenient evidence to gain convictions is nationwide and by this trick there is nothing to put in any “unused evidence” file sent to the CPS. This is not exclusive to Rape/Sexual assault cases, but they have been a priority due to the brownie points & £-rewards that come with the upping of these particular cases.

This brief for perverting justice did not spring from nowhere – the feemenist sex crime and domestic violence industry had been campaigning for just such a move well before the Savile scandal gave them the ammunition they sought. But no matter what the police did wrong in dismissing genuine victims of rape back in the last century, you can only make things worse by trying to punish innocent men for those historic sexist police errors now.

People like Bea Campbell OBE have been confidently quoting fantasy figures about the men who might suffer from false allegations of rape for decades now, saying things like,
“These are incredibly rare”,
“less than 2%”,
and “frankly it doesn’t matter if a few men’s lives are upset – think of all those rape victims!”

Karen and Jay Cheshire (pictured above) aren’t upset, they are dead… Because of this witch-hunt.

so many men’s lives wrecked and family lives shattered

So when I am badgered by friends saying,
“But Patrick, you are a feminist at heart, you used to work supporting rape victims, you can’t dismiss rape victims this way!”
– I have to draw a deep breath, and reply,
“I still support rape victims – I’m in love with one and know many more, and my heart goes out to them as kindred sufferers, but, I cannot be associated with Feminism in this millennium – it has become a man-hating lie”.

Let’s remember, (or for most people, discover to their amazement), the key facts:- 17% of rape victims will go to the police – this figure is the highest it has ever been but the (most reliable survey) CSEW says is little different over the past 30 years.

There is some dispute over the number of UK women raped each year – but the top – highest estimate is 85,000… so, simple maths, that is a maximum of 14,450 genuine rape victims who went to the police, last reported year.
Now check out the government statistics.
The anomaly first became obvious in 2014, now it has grown to an astronomical number of obvious liars.

What these government statistics say
even allowing reasonable adjustments to those shouting, “but historic cases”, “Police don’t count this group, or that group”
is that somewhere between 50% and 80% of rape complaints made to the police in the year to April 2018 – were lies.

The facts that back this up are being perversely interpreted by a brainwashed society, as can be seen in this disgracefully biased Guardian piece. It shows that we have actually had a fall in the number of convictions and a fall in the number of cases going to charge – despite the massive rise in complaints and police still trying so hard to “believe the victim”.
Campaigners” are upset –
the police must be wrongly letting rapists go!

The Feemenist journalists show no consideration for the, statistically backed, harsh reality that over 30,000 women going to the police are not victims, but liars, trying to cash in on the legalised tricks that allow them to abuse men and abuse the system so badly.

Non disclosure scandals, Alison Saunders being caught lying, and brave men coming forward despite having their lives wrecked, have started to change the public and CPS perception (a bit). For so long the system has been screwed by women like Bea Campbell, Julie Bindell, and the entire “Women’s justice” government funded groups existence, that hardly anyone is noticing the reality, or keeping up with the changing picture.

It’s a lonely Cassandra-like position, calling this out, but I have been pushed here by the reality of being falsely accused and the discovery of the hidden tens of thousands of fellow victims.
There are some other Cassandras, like @SAFFtweets
see related docs here:
who have exposed the painful reality that our world is not as sane as it may seem…

What is your excuse for failing to make people like Jay and Karen Cheshire, properly noticed casualties of these murderous witch-hunt promoters?

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Why do humans latch on to bad ideas…

…and then stick with them, even harder, the more evidence shows the idea is insane?
I read of a young aristocrat army officer in 1914 whose parents were sincere atheists and raised the boy with home tutoring to have no knowledge of the entire story of Jesus, Christianity, Judaism, the lot. 

His fellow officers tried to explain why they had a padre in the army and what “God on our side” meant, and became a bit annoyed by his charming ignorance and slightly arrogant self confidence. So they hatched a plan and gave him a Bible to read, with the condition that he had to read it all to win a minor bet. Their hope was that he would understand where everyone else had got their sense of belief, and be transformed into someone a little more humble and easy to live with. 
     For two weeks he was seen with the Bible either in his hand or on a table being read… and the young man was laughing… laughing out loud whilst reading the Bible. Worse than that he would regale his new friends saying, (I paraphrase), “OH my, this is hilariously silly – who on earth could have written such weird fantasies and ideas? and you say people take this seriously? as some real series of events? what about the way this bit contradicts that whole other section?! amazing”.
    Their plan succeeded in introducing a fully formed adult to a set of rules, guidelines and stories that most had been drip fed since infancy. But unlike those “most people” who had accepted it, he was able to discern that it was, indeed, an impossible set of accounts of many impossible things, as recorded long after any such events by a selection of dubiously educated and gullible peasants who desired the horrific world they lived in to come to an end, with them ascending into a fantasy spirit world of their dreams. 

    We have no fewer similar wonders of confirmation bias causing more entrenched belief today – in Trump supporters, in Brexit fans, – just as it continues with religions, the great big fake news that dare not speak its name.  The USA seems to be unable to quite fathom that they really are looking funny, both ha-ha and peculiar, wondering if they should or shouldn’t try to impeach their current president, while at the same time being unable to find anyone more disgraceful and less qualified for the job in the entire population of the country. 
   The more the evidence piles up (most of it from his own mouth) that he is a disgusting, paedophilic, incest supporting, hypocritical, rapist, disablist, racist, ignorant, demented, sociopathic bigot, whose very breathing usually involves a narcissistic lie… the more his “fans” paint pictures like the above – both literally and in a fountain of unbelievably infantile verbiage.  The summary of their position appears to be that Trump is this humble inheritor of great wealth and has come to save the ordinary redneck racist from a fate worse than Hillary’s emails, and everything bad said about him is just proof that those who are against him are devils. 

    This is the very same stuff as the religious thrive on.
No wonder Pat Robertson and his ilk wrap themselves up in Trump Inc.’s comfy stars and stripes duvet and condemn the idea of Gay marriage whilst sneaking away from their fourth wife and getting balls deep in an anonymous rent boy in a Las Vegas toilet. The cognitive dissonance that should cause a mental collapse, in fact reinforces the entrenched insanity… and therein is a perfect marriage between the Trump believers and the followers of “Jesus lovers for Zionist Armageddon”. Climate catastrophe is hardly likely to bother people who sincerely believe that Jesus is finally returning to enact the rapture… but we should probably lend him a hand by nuking Iran to prompt world war.
    On this side of the Atlantic we are seeing that European Armageddon is worth it to those “hard” Brexiteers who want to wave a Union flag over the preserved white nation of “perfidious Albion”, (One elected MP, yes, an elected MP, even saw that phrase as a positive one to use) and be damned if we destroy a nation carefully developed over centuries amid the mocking, if sad, laughter of the world that will soon be overtaking us in every sense of the word. 
    I can do nothing to change anyone’s mind.
Those who hold these views and take this approach to life have usually inherited much of the behaviour, fear and intransigence from their parents. I feel like that army officer, puzzled as to why people cannot see the self contradictory insanity of what it is they are accepting as truth…
Apparently, he did survive both wars and had a wonderfully interesting life, but was killed in a bizarre accident in the 1960s. At least the sane among us can agree that there was, and is, no interfering God that would play such a trick on all those God fearing soldiers who died in the trenches…
eh? – can’t we? 

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One year of #MeToo BooHoo

A year of women claiming solidarity in victimhood? or a year in which agency, responsibility and honesty made a welcome come back?

The story of #MeToo and “Time’sUp” is not a story of oppressed women, rising up against a tide of oppression and achieving some kind of equal status – those stories would need to come from Italy, Yemen, Iran or Israel, where oppression of poor BME women is a serious issue … not the UK, America, Australia or Canada where it is not – no, it is a story of a protracted claim for sacred status, the reverse of equality.

optimism about learning how to use an apostrophe?

A spoiler – This is not about agency, honesty… not of women claiming or making strides towards, responsibility for their own actions… the story is one of dishonesty and denial of responsibility. Emma Watson may have some genuine concerns for victims of sexual assault in the USA, but the leaders of this movement are a bunch of celebrities, all well aware of the power they wield and how, as Joan Rivers once put it, “All you need is a pretty face and a trick pelvis and you’re home free”.

Emma was so disgusted by Weinstein she got herself a bad tattoo.

So far so predictable.
We saw the media coverage – and of course all agreed that Weinstein was an ugly powerful man who abused his position of power in the film business to abuse relatively powerless pretty actors… Adult female actors who had no chance to resist his clever tricks that forced them into positions where he could rape them…
But he didn’t do this with Emma Watson – no it was another leader of the MeToo group – a woman called Asia Argento.
(Best not to mention Rose McGowan’s own accusations against Weinstein, her credibility is shot to smithereens)

Asia Argento with her then friend, Rose McGowan: leaders of the MeToo movement.
Asia explains her “rape” to the press

For context, Argento is an already established actress and daughter of a famous film director, trying to climb further up the fame ladder in Hollywood, who went to the room of renowned old lecher and film producer, Harvey Weinstein, and was “orally raped”.
You read that right – the law of rape in the USA must have been especially changed to allow this variation in which a tongue is mightier than the sword. And of course, faking groans of pleasure is a well known method of making a man who is performing such a sex act, stop. Absolutely – that would work on all known men.

Then she went on to have a 5 year relationship with him…
Yes, after she was supposedly “raped”,
that is what happened, honestly, – she says so. And all this before she dated another 60+ year old (relevance later) Anthony Bourdain, RIP.

Anthony Bourdain with girlfriend Asia Argento – having helped to promote her MeToo campaigning he killed himself shortly after she was unfaithful to him and lied about it.
Photo by Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock (9048821w) 09 Sep 2017
Liars just cannot control what happens when their lies start to get revealed.

What does the average reader garner from the various goings on?

That Weinstein might not be guilty of any crimes? the media have certainly not been pushing this line, but of course he has only been charged – not found guilty of anything.
It seems to me that several of those who loudly denounced him are going to have a hard job proving anything other than the fact that they are liars.

Then we have a well loved chef and TV personality who killed himself after falling victim to the manipulative charms of #MeToo’s Asia Argento…
What I know is that was a sad loss of a great personality but, rather than expressing sadness, Asia is much busier fighting charges that she raped an under age boy actor, a young man cast as her son in a movie while he was a 9 year old and with whom she had remained friends since. Clearly age is not an issue for Asia when it comes to lovers, from 17 year olds to 64 year olds, “she has an amazing range”. The young actor’s “MeToo” protests as an adolescent victim don’t appear to have carried much weight when it comes to the public attitude to changing the law to bring about more prosecutions of women…Is it that men just cannot be allowed to be the passive victims of a sexually predatory female?

All the evidence shows that far from Asia Argento being a victim – she is a perpetrator, a predator, a creator of victims, an abusive manipulator, with sociopathic ability to disregard those whom she harms under the guise of a loving or caring role…
A year on from becoming one of the celebrity leaders of the MeToo movement we can easily reinterpret the power behind it as being all about oppression – but not of Hollywood actresses. This is oppression of the freedom of women to be honest actors with agency… Everyone is supposed to play along and agree with an agenda that is utterly destructive to those of any and no gender.

Emma Watson, Britain’s whiter than white post Harry Potter pin up, is proud to be a part of this, as the BBC reports today:-

…the British star said she has been “so inspired” by the achievements of Time’s Up.

More than 300 actresses, writers and directors launched the project last January in the wake of allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein.  Its fund provides legal help to US women targeted in the workplace.

“Gender equality can only become a reality if we harness the transformative power of solidarity across professions and across borders.
“There’s still a long way to go, but the achievements so far make me optimistic for a fairer future. 2018 was just the beginning.”

The achievements?
…as in, the massive increase to 53,977 accusations of rape made to the police, when Feminist organisations such as Women’s Aid and Rape Crisis all agree on the extrapolations of the UK Crime survey that suggest 15% of 85,000 women actually reported their actual rapes to the police…?
(12,000 to 16,000 at the outside, a woman oriented survey finding that has changed very little over the past 20 years)

Rape prosecutions?
conviction rates?

in proportion to the allegations reported, they are massively down, despite the best, most effective cheating efforts of the police. The political agenda used by, CPS head, Alison Saunders to destroy the very principles of justice, has been a failure in every possible way.
She has retired early in disgrace, hiding evidence to achieve prosecutions has been shown to be endemic, CPS failures in the midst of Legal Aid and other failings have led to many more failures than “successes”…
Thanks to brave people prepared to face the limelight like Liam Allan, juries are no longer as easily fooled, as the CPS are, by biased police files that omit key evidence.

Meanwhile the innocent victims of these lies and massive injustices fight their cases and campaign for change – many now no longer choosing to hide away from the witch-hunters and professional fake rape industry, sometimes known as The Baker Conspiracy.

A year of ME,ME,ME,ME-Too?
Whatever else it has achieved it is nothing to do with equality, everything to do with corruption of the justice system amid ghastly gender division. Actual Rape figures are not positively affected at all – and one can only imagine that those likely to be involved, from potential aggressor or victim positions, are not being helped to prevent this happening by any of the Time’s Up farce playing out in the public eye.

Happy new year to you,
and may you escape the biased #MeToo #TimesUp #FalseFeminist agenda catching you in the false allegations net.

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Rape is not rare, and neither are women who lie about it.

(post updated May 2019)

It still gets me frustrated on a weekly basis –
that people cannot expand their minds wider than a crack in a door to see that both parts of this headline statement are true.

In “my corner” – I have many new friends among the recently falsely accused and they can get awfully close to stating that, “actually most rapes never happened, and they are all lying about it”. I heard this reaction when giving my speech about my own experience to the International men’s conference in July 2018.
(note the figures used in this speech have now been further researched, honed by discussion, and are even more damning for the year to April 2018)

In the other corner we see the #Falsefeminists arguing that women don’t lie about being raped, and that the criminal justice system is failing because they are not prosecuting enough of the men who are reported to the police.

This is a carefully planned and maintained sleight of hand with words, and it is a classic “false logic jump”:-

“Women who have been raped do not lie about being raped” – is a fact.
“Women don’t lie about rape” is BS.

Let’s put down my favourite statistics of the year 2017-2018 and lay to rest the myths attached.

85,000 women, and 12,000 men are estimated to have been raped in the period April 2017- April 2018.
These figures come from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) and are extrapolations taken from a large [41,000] person interview/self reporting programme conducted every year since 1988.
Many on “my side” of the argument dispute this number – again on the false basis that “it sounds too big”.
The survey may have a slight bias towards encouraging women to report on rape incidents to include perceptions of rape that are not in fact rape – and that could then have caused a statistical error magnified in the extrapolation to the whole population, but, ultimately it has consistently, over decades, shown that total figures are in the 80,000 range.

The same survey – as quoted by the national charity, Rape Crisis – also calculates in the year to April 2018, that 17% reported these rapes to the police. This means that a slightly higher percentage than most previous years, bravely chose to reveal the details of their actual rape to the police and took on the horrible role of main witness in a court and police process that they knew would inevitably exacerbate their trauma.

Is it any wonder that maybe 72,000 women did not go to the police?
ALL four of the women I know who have revealed to me that they have been raped, never reported it to the police. In their position I would not do so either, for genuine victims it is a horrific trauma, often described as being as traumatic as the rape itself.

So far, the feminists with whom I have discussed these figures seem to be murmuring and wondering what my point is.
I have asked them, “Do you dispute these Office for National Statistics (ONS), Government Crime Survey figures?”
They have been very cagey about answering, perhaps sensing a trap?
– and yes, in a way, it is a trap.
The figures are, I believe, accurate.
As accurate as any research we can lay a single hand upon.
For the sake of avoiding silly extremist arguments we should dismiss the non research based notions that only 10,000 women were raped, or that 200,000 were…and run with the CSEW figures.

The other CSEW research based figure that stands up to the test of time is that 17% reported it to the police. – Over the past decade this figure has risen slightly but slowly so that it seems quite possible that the survey is accurate in suggesting that 14,450 women actually reported their actual rapes to the actual police.
Most feminists I have heard argue rape statistics have not disputed this figure. They have, unwittingly, implied that it must be wrong, going along with the pathetic statement by the ONS that they believe the reason the number of reported rapes has risen is “because more victims are coming forward to the police”.
– a statement that effectively flies in the face of their own survey facts!

The police keep records under strict monitoring from central government, to record reported crime. The chances of a crime as serious as rape being unrecorded when reported to a police station are frankly too near zero to argue otherwise. Particularly since 2006 when the “We Believe You” police policy of starting by believing all reports of rape has been embedded and become such a key part of their target driven culture.

So while the % rise in rape victims going to the police has increased from 12% to 17% – that means it is from approximately 11,000 to 14,450 as per consistent reports to the survey.

The Police recorded 13,096 rapes 10 years ago.
They recorded 41,186 rapes in 2016-2017.
They recorded 53,997 rapes in 2017-2018.
But the ONS shows that actual rape trend has NOT been rising.
The problem illustrated:-

These figures have since been updated by a keen CSEW researcher – who pointed out that actually, the tables adjusted for entire UK population rapes in all police areas as used for comparison purposes, should be 52,400 – not 85,000. But to be generous to those who get upset when their dogma is shown up, let’s just stick with the more well published legend of 85,000. Now, studying the implications of these figures, some have seen the problem this poses for the feminist myth straight away.
– Dr Hannah Quirk is a rational human being, but just one law expert who has stated, that figures “cannot be assumed this way” (statisticians should smile knowingly at this misuse or misunderstanding of “assumed”) though recently, on closer inspection of the figures, she has conceded my point about the “inexplicable” sudden increase in rape reports over the past 5 years while survey results have not budged more than an inch,  – hooray!
– others are suggesting that historic cases being reported will skew the figures, as will men’s cases that are presumably included in these police records.

Notwithstanding that, the set of embedded beliefs, that prompt people to rationalise away the obvious, represent blinkered acceptance of received #FalseFeminist ideas…
let’s look at those factors.

First: Male victims.
Curiously the police do not separate gender statistics for rape victims but best guesses from victim support, and men’s support groups, are that less than 3% of male victims report their rape to the police. This disparity with female rape victims (17%) is assumed to be the result of societal beliefs which mean men feel a much more inhibiting sense of shame at being the victim of rape. So, applied to the 12,000 male victims, that’s 360 men reporting, in total, – estimated to be a part of that 53,977.
A figure so small the CSEW decided it could not be included in their statistics, so, unhappily for male victims, we can safely dismiss any argument that this is a significant figure changer…

Second – “historic cases”.
We also being asked to accept the argument that “historic” cases being counted by the police mean that some of the 53,617 women who reported rape, were not women who had been previously counted in any of the 30 years of Crime Survey… i.e. that suddenly – of women prepared to tell the truth about being raped, having previously not reported it, 2018 was an exceptional year when maybe as many as, what? 30,000 new historic reports were received? This, at its most extreme “generous to the Feminist argument” edge, denies all logic of the consistency of the Crime Survey,  all rational thinking, and is really a sadly pathetic attempt to try and twist the simple figures to support the idea that 53,000 genuine rape victims came forward.

We are in the world of estimates here, where only police statistics for “historic cases reported”, (which are apparently not kept), could reveal a statistically accurate picture. But National Statistics are published according to a strict code.

My point here is that I have been EXTREMELY generous to the feminist argument, given that statistical errors could just as easily work the other way… and that extreme generosity gets us down to as few as 52% of police rape reports being false ones.
So, allowing for many other possible errors, stretching the statistical anomalies to their “help the feminist argument” limit…we might possibly get to a figure as low as 28,000 false (or non-genuine) accusations – i.e. it is entirely consistent with those official figures to deduce that a minimum of
52% of rape reports made to the police in 2018 were made by women who wanted to be seen as victims, but are not.

Allowing the same high margin for statistical error the other way, using the give or take rule, the figure could be as high as 46,000 fakers, or 90%, so please do not let the 52% figure fall into any blinkered received wisdom ears as “a wild exaggeration”. Talk to a statistician about sample sizes, margins and the mean.

When people who bandy about “rarity stories” say “you don’t have the exact figures”, aside from mocking them as they deserve, please point out that what these statistics give is parameters – outer margins – beyond which it is unreasonable to suggest the actual figures could possibly sit.
And those margins are: – of 53,977 rape reports in 2018, between 28,000 and 40,000 were not rapes, (rape as defined by women in the CSEW).

I have many people, some supposedly on “my side”, telling me that these figures are never going to be accepted – that there must be errors in my calculations, that the Crime Survey is completely inaccurate, can only have been extrapolated to include a limited demographic, and so on…

Accept them or not, these are the best figures we have, they comply with the National Statistics code of practice.
I have just demonstrated the answers to all queries as they have been raised.  No one has managed to present any logical argument that dents any of this.  All the other figures bandied about are based on either far less reliable and small sample surveys – or are just plucked from thin air.

For the avoidance of doubt: The Secret Barrister’s nonsense logic + wrong figures, support Feminist myths

What is driving the false accusation deniers to continue to deny this?
Not just the Feminists who also make stupid statements about killing all men, but those who would profess to have some understanding of social sciences and no apparent skin in the game of making out that no men are innocent.

Simply put, I believe it is “the myth of 2%” and the political agenda that they/we have fallen prey to.
That is – the #falsefeminist propaganda merchants have, by media repetition, embedded this figure in our souls.
This story that only 2% of women ever make false allegations of rape is a repeated old divorcees’ tale that has become embedded in people’s consciousness – and it feels like we are being brave to try and counter this embedded myth with even a suggestion that it might be that 10% of accusations are false…
It is very frequently repeated, on the basis of ZERO research and probably from Susan Brownmiller’s 35 year old thesis, where it was plucked from the air. It works upon the basis of even blinder faux psychology about women never lying, but it does work! – ( a 0% figure would be immediately seen as ridiculous as just one case would destroy it, pulling a figure of 2% from the air makes the faux belief in zero sound so much more plausible),
the net result of this hammering in of dogma over 40 years is that any harsh reality comes like proof that the earth is round to a world full of flat-earthers.

That there are male fake victims (like Carl Beech) is significant, but also not a significant figure changer… the overwhelming majority of reports (and fakers) are women.
There are many pages of evidenced articles on why it is predominantly women who choose to present as victims, and there are ways that some of the motivations, such as compensation cash, can be taken out of the terrible reality we face… but nothing is going to stop women lying about being raped, in a culture where victimhood can be so rewarding, and useful to abuser types….

Rape accusations have become a favourite weapon of misandry centred abusers, because it affords them the safety of anonymity, and a reliable shredding of their target male, due to belief in their story being enshrined in the Criminal Justice and Family Court systems.

So let us accept the reality,
that many women go to the police and lie about rape,
just as many women are raped but most do not go to the police, ever.
And let’s all stop being so blind to the realities of why this happens. None of the innocents in jail, or those acquitted whose lives are ruined, help reduce the number of actual rapes.

And I will frequently remind people – that all this still leaves, possibly as many as 97,000 people raped last year, mostly still in silence, and only about an annual average of 1,100 correctly imprisoned for that same crime.
we also have 100,000 families lives ruined by false accusations, victims of crime just like those rape victims.
It is one thing to possibly have your life damaged due to rape by a solitary sex criminal, it is quite another to be hounded and made career-less, child contact blocked, family broken apart, and witch-hunted to suicide due to state sponsored false branding as “the rapist” or “the paedophile”.

Whatever it is that “must be done” – it must not be flouting the rules and principles of justice to try and imprison any innocent man who cannot prove their accuser is lying, all for the sake of an “appease the angry women” political agenda.

That bad move has been tried for the past 13 years – and it has failed everybody.

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Mansplaining – a loser’s guide.

A look behind the phrase:

You must have heard of the word by now – even if my spellchecker hasn’t…
During a lecture at Moe’s Books in Berkeley, California, Rebecca Solnit, author of an essay called  “Men explain things to me”, said, “I’m falsely credited with coining the term ‘mansplaining’. It was a 2010 New York Times word of the year. I did not actually coin it. I was a bit ambivalent about the word because it seems a little bit more condemnatory of the male of the species than I ever wanted it to be.” – her ambivalence is generally not matched by Twitter users…
I too, have sometimes smiled at the rather patronising attempts of men to explain some woman’s joke back to them on Twitter.
And sometimes even giggled at some poor geeky guy who decided to explain away an argument with parsing and pedantry when the original was perhaps a lighthearted comment, and certainly not a request for semantic help.

On the other hand, well meaning attempts to help are a key part of what we do as humans, even if, in the written format, the ease with which these become clunky and misinterpretations of what is going on can make them seem overbearing…

Boys, much more than girls, are taught that they should display their knowledge, be leaders! – jump up in class to tell teacher – “yes, I know the answer”.

It goes hand in hand with jumping up from the trenches and charging towards the enemy machine guns. To be assertive, confident, and put yourself in the firing line. That is to say, it is not rebellion, but role compliance. It is what boys/men are expected to be, and taught, as much by women as other men.

For a long time now I have heard how the different treatment of girls from infancy to adulthood is an aggravation to the rights and needs of women.  But whatever the pluses and minuses of varying treatments of the gender roles in the past 40 years – it is well established that males fare much worse at school and getting to university now, than women do…
But back to the phrase in the title – Mansplaining.
It is clear, even to the first time observer, that this is a gender dividing term – something men do to, or at, women…The definition is that it is a cultural norm, one that all women come up against and that it is, basically annoying.

And yet the underlying male urge to explain or parse the meanings in topics discussed is not generally aimed at women at all – it’s aimed at everyone.

I guess many women never get to overhear men having lively discussions with just other men – and how they spend time arguing, explaining, being patronising, yes, but occasionally listening and changing long held beliefs ever so slightly…
So when women tell men that they are “mansplaining” and proceed to mock, – men will probably see that as a lazy feminist trope based on ignorance of the non gender based nature of what it is they do…that women only have to be assertive and say “No thanks”, and often do, leaving all types of explanation unspoken.

Men “explain” to other men just as much as they ever do to women, ergo what they do might be more accurately called ‘splaining – that simple. The need to invest this gender divisiveness is an aspect of modern feminism that is deeply unattractive and ultimately harmful all round and is based on the legacy of a patriarchy that is nothing like as unbalanced as it was as recently as the 1980s. Power  as seen to be in the hands of either gender has changed a great deal, and abusing aspects of it in order to achieve an outcome that does innocent people down is not an acceptable way to behave in our world.

Being assertive is not something that men are born being better at, far from it, they are taught to be aggressive, and by this we mean much more than assertive, being assertive only seems to arrive with some development of intelligence and education.

A good example of assertiveness over aggression might be when good thinking men, during the Great War, became conscientious objectors and refused to go and be cannon fodder on the western front. They asserted their right not to kill or be killed for no good reason.
When this happened, the majority of mockers and distributors of white feathers were women… The female desire to shame working men into going and fighting and killing other working men appears to have been very strong,
do we call that Femdeathpushing?
…and this was just at the time that Women’s suffrage received its biggest boost and ultimate voting power reward – because so many men were off abroad dying, while women manned (sic) the factories and farms.
It was the war, more than chaining oneself to a railing, that won it for the suffragettes.
But while things often seem to progress faster in war time – wars themselves take a terrible toll on the male population – and are not a good thing. (Just in case someone saw that progress as unquestioningly desirable).
I used to be part of a Men’s group, actually 3 different ones, and as well as exploring what it meant to be a man, we supported feminist principles; those of equal opportunity and a challenging of gender stereotypes. I’m proud to have raised 3 daughters who know and understand equality issues and the history of fights for LGBT rights, Gender equality employment rights, Rock against racism, anti-Apartheid, and black history awareness.

But in 2018 I can no longer use the term “feminist” to mean what I thought it meant back then in the 1980s…


I see and hear others (male and female) say it as if they know what it means but are really using it to belong to a gang whose battles have moved beyond a fight for justice and equal opportunity and into a manoeuvre for supremacy.
The way that identity politics has become a dominant trend is being challenged mainly by conservatives in the west, and thus I find myself agreeing with people I used to see as “the enemy”, and this has actually shocked me in many ways. The witnessing of the “liberal left”, as in the Guardian newspaper, deciding that accused men should be thrown to the wolves for the sake of supporting embedded feminist ideas of male worthlessness. 
Whilst I retain my deep pocket Utopian idealism as an Anarchist and my public position of democratic socialism within, what I accept as an inevitable, capitalist system…
I cannot abide this apparent desire to enjoy raised status as a victim alongside a mob that seeks to police language without understanding it, and evades personal responsibility whilst creating divisions based on group identities.

The idea of patriarchy is so embedded in our millennial culture that people forget the areas in which it has become closed history, whilst the unequal treatment of men to their great disadvantage (e.g. suicide and wrongful imprisonment) has been seen as somehow justifiable based on that history.


The following list highlights areas that rarely get talked about but which very definitely have swung against men…

I will quickly say that there are many parallel areas where men have more freedom than women, but these do tend to get discussed and argued about a great deal, and coming into those discussions as a man seeking this kind of genuine equality is a formula for getting buried in an avalanche or mockery or a Twitter mob pile on…


1. Abortion (father not having any decision making power regarding their potential child)
2. Foetal alcohol syndrome (similarly, this can be seen as child abuse caused by one partner alone.)
3. Genital mutilation (Circumcision of male babies as heavily practiced in America, Jewish and Muslim cultures is an abomination and one of the worst forms of child abuse)
4. Fatherlessness, (the right of a child to have a father around is greatly inhibited by law after a family breakdown).
5. Education (men failing at the highest rate in history by comparison with women, why?)
6. Employment (any quota system can work against an individual with a greater skill set)
7. Access to children after family breakdowns
8. Domestic violence (research shows that 32% of domestic violence is instigated by men, and 27% instigated by women, the remaining 41% it being impossible to tell)
9. Sexual abuse (woman rapes 13 year old boy – community sentence. Man rapes 13 year old girl – bottom of the prison pile for a decade)
10. Armed Forces veterans’ mental health issues (they are held responsible for their battlefield induced problems, women remain innocent victims)
11. Homelessness (disproportionately male issue)
12. Suicide (the same)
13. Criminal justice system (criminal women are generally still regarded as innocent victims, innocent men = guilty perpetrators – more of this below)
14. Paternity fraud
15. Anonymity for suspected sexual offenders
16. Divorce settlements
17. Healthcare provision – and there are more.
But the key area that concerns me – personally and philosophically, is that of the Criminal Justice system… 30,000 women took up the idea of falsely accusing an innocent man of rape last year – spoiling the waters for genuine victims, sure, but more importantly, wrecking the lives of more than 30,000 innocent people with the career wrecking, child stealing, soul destroying smears that are worse than being publicly named as a murderer.
“Feminists” have long claimed and still do, that these occurrences are incredibly rare.
It must surely be that this myth is now hanging by a thread
thanks to their own approved figures…
Last year in the UK there were more false rape reports to the police than genuine ones.

Roughly twice as many,
at least.
As the many Twitter preachers and reporters say,

“Let that sink in”.


This is not the rare, rogue individual, it is a mass of badly motivated liars, using a police and justice system that has fallen for the Feminist rhetoric that women need better protection, and more men need to be pushed towards the metaphorical machine guns.
This unthinking acceptance of a barefaced lie, by police, media, politicians, and the general public is what has left me with nothing but this avenue in which to conscientiously object…
My life wrecking has not been as bad as it has for many – some innocent men have ended their lives (to a total lack of sympathy from wider society, because, “men, you know – who cares?”) some are fighting their corner from a prison cell, (over 1100 at latest estimate).
I am still here and fighting, e.g. for a right to work, having seen the case presented by the police & CPS dropped 2 weeks before trial, when the CPS realised that they were going to be made to look ridiculous and use prosecution witnesses to commit perjury in the courtroom.
Not happy at their case being dropped and their complainant ridiculed for being a recidivist false accuser that they failed to see through, the police have continued to maintain that they, and she, were correct and are thus attempting to prevent any employer from giving me a job…
This ability to glide right past solid evidence of her lies as recorded by other police forces is akin to Donald Trump insisting that he never plays golf.
So the detectives (dominated by women in the RASSO unit) are not so much full blooded feminists – as sad blinkered idiots who follow the path of least resistance and try to prosecute men for rape because that is what the government has told them to do…
and truth be damned – that is not what they are investigating.

If I explain this reality to a feminist who regularly  lectures the public on how too many rapists walk free, am I mansplaining?


So far no one has managed, or dared to try to counter the figures I put forward and declare me an anti-feminist men’s rights activist or whatever…because these are “their” figures…
The figures I quote are from the  National Crime Survey that interviews nearly 50,000 people every year.  This makes it as accurate as those Election exit polls that then turn out to be correct within 2% error margins.
85,000 women genuinely raped is a terrible thing, my heart goes out to them…(and one in particular),
and I quite understand why only 10 – 15% of them would report this horrific trauma to the police, (both these figures are from that same, Rape Crisis approved, British Crime Survey).
I also understand that the police had a Hell of a time last year, recording and listening to 41,i50 rape reports…

Do they now read the NCS figures for genuine rape reports (at an average rounded out at 11,150) and calculate that they should have said, “We DON’T believe you” to 30,000 liars who made reports?

How do I, who nearly went to prison purely for being a random man chosen to fit into a personality disordered sick woman’s latest of several serial fantasies, explain to modern feminists that this is a deadly serious issue that needs to be understood and acted upon?
Women campaigners against this modern Feminism say, “You can’t”…
as a man you are discounted from being able to do this. And so it has to be the women who recognise and seek to grapple with the reality that push for change. 
It is not mansplaining to point out that there are more than 30,000 such perverse liars still out there, ready to abuse the current culture in order to defraud the taxpayer of money (my accuser got £22K) and send thousands of innocent men to ruin, prison or both. It is a life saving proposition. 
In summary:
In the UK, the blind acceptance, by most men and women, of the jokes and pokes, about mansplaining, manspreading, linear thinking, multi-tasking and jokes about men generally falling into a patronisingly approved stereotype… this “going along with it”, actually endangers a fair society where men and women develop a love and tolerance for each other’s foibles and human characteristics.
Ironically the best defenders of the open and tolerant way forward get flack from men and women alike – through gender fixated fears, – and these are the Trans activists whose variations of views and practice on gender fluidity see them harangued and sometimes assaulted and killed by men and women whose identity is challenged by their mere existence…

Which ever way you want your own identity to go, your rights will never trump an innocent person’s right to justice and freedom, and no amount of explanation by a man to a woman, or vice versa, is going to change that.

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Farewell Big Pete, my fellow man.

The not at all short lived, international, Men’s AntiSexist Newsletter.

I met Pete Six properly in Chapter 2 cinema, Cardiff when we both attended a relaunch meeting of the Cardiff Men’s Group,  it was the autumn of 1980, and it was the beginning of a beautiful lifelong friendship.

We were both moderately versed in feminist thinking, both single, and fascinated by what it meant to be a “real man”.
Men’s groups in those days were often dismissed as wimpy men trying to figure out how to get their feminist friends into bed. This was more of a side effect as far as we were concerned, the main  issue was about feeling secure in our identity as men, and discovering what the hell that meant in a society where we were practically the first generation whereby war, factories and mining disasters didn’t whittle away most of our contemporaries and simplify the debate to survival and class war.

Cardiff Men’s group consisted of about a dozen men, 6 of whom were named Pete. Pete Goodridge chose to be “6” as we numbered off and Five Cram was already known as Five. Petes 1-4 are all now off my radar.
The group talked of many things, including sealing wax, (it’s potential use in male contraception), and all things to do with male identity.

Pete and I had one divergence of views. He was always for political and agitprop action, organising the “Men Against Violence Against Women” march through central Cardiff (one banner, about 30 people) and for spreading the word.
I was for all that too, but also for awareness raising amongst ourselves, effectively a psychological therapeutic exercise, the purpose of which was to better know ourselves, and thus be more effective in everything extrovert we did. He felt this was a self indulgence and called the meetings we had on those themes, “T (for therapy) and toast meetings”. This disagreement was always revisited with a smile and never led to any kind of schism or falling out.

By 1986 we had become a coordinating group of the Men’s Antisexist Newsletter (pictured above) formed Creches Against Sexism, which ran creches for Women’s Aid groups, including the Welsh Women’s Aid national conference, over a long weekend in Builth Wells. We also had some uplifting and enlightened sessions of self discovery that I credit with making all of us better potential (or actual) life partners as well as individuals.

Cardiff Men’s Group faded, and morphed – a new version of a similarly named group, of which I was a member, organised annual conferences in Cardiff, with some success, right through to the late 1990s.

All through this time visits to Pete’s were a basic part of my social life. Not so much since my move away to Gloucestershire, though I did manage to get him to come with me to an Arcade Fire gig in Cardiff Arena not so long back, but I never thought he would cut our relationship short at the age of 61, with that damned dodgy ticker that he always swore would be the death of him before he ever claimed the state pension.

Several from the Cardiff men’s group were in attendance, on the longest, hottest day of 2017, to lay Pete’s body to rest in a beautiful natural burial meadow near Usk.
Many swifts were making frantic patterns overhead but under the hottest sun, over 400 people, dressed appropriately for the summer, witnessed his family and friends perform a joyous humanist service that he had actually designed.

I could say more – and he could say much more than that, but right now, I can’t. Life is now missing one huge character,
Big hearted Pete.






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