The social democrat idealist’s dilemma

Despite the mini-kerfuffle over Cameron choosing some women cabinet members to decorate his dying brand, and wisely removing the GreasyGove, (thus gaining, maybe 25, votes from tory teachers) – it is patently clear that this Tory led “coalition of the corrupting” has to be buried at the next election.

Unfortunately, my vote cannot go whereed-miliband
perhaps you would think it should…
The two Eds’ backgrounds as privileged political  twonks, things like this picture, and THIS and THIS and so much more, convince me that the Labour party will never again be an agent of positive change – just a seeker of power and membership of the establishment.

If you are thinking of voting Labour in 2015,  can you put your hand on your heart and say it is because you think that Labour has vastly improved on its pink Conservatism and war-mongering of Tony Blair? -
Or is it a vote from habit? – a belief that the party which brought in true democratic institutions, and brave positive actions, after the disaster of WW2, may actually return to its root beliefs in equality and social justice?
It is now a plastic imitation bush, not a thriving tree with roots.

There is one party that does appear to hold true to those principles – and unlike the 3 “main” parties, it does not have unwritten drivers based on, “Trying to help my mates for the next 4 years”.
The Green party is founded on the idea of doing the work that might allow our great grandchildren to live in a better world.
This actually involves some solid socialist principles – the very ones abandoned by 90% (bless Dennis Skinner & Paul Flynn) of the parliamentary Labour party.
It also involves some aspects, in terms of reactions to their policies, that may mean not winning an election, – such as the generally under-educated and short sighted selfishness of the Tabloid reading public…
but what choice do we have?

Would we of the left really vote for the lesser of two patent evils because we believe they may make life better in the long run? That they can not only change back but also magically overcome the heavy hand of the establishment and its puppet tory media? Or do we vote for something that we can actually believe in, that doesn’t leave us smelling of shameless compromise and the very shortsighted grab for power that we wish our political elite would abandon…?
Challenge the Greens on their policies and beliefs by all means,  I want to see them held to account. They are going to have a hell of a job breaking down establishment resistance to long term thinking so need heavy discussion and engagement from all as to how to achieve this… but don’t say there is no alternative to the Labour party,
…it has become a comfy bed of quicksand for the self-serving middle class wannabes.
When it comes to that den of defunct dragons, I’m out.

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That Mail apology to Clooney in full…


Hey George,
We’re sorry, OK?
Sorry that we stitched you up, and yes, you are right, we are the “Worst kind of Tabloid”

But you really want us to apologise in FULL for what we have done? – OK, here goes…

We have a long history you know – long before we were a Tabloid we were on that difficult side of the establishment that supported Herr Hitler – indeed our owner counted him as his personal hero…right up until 1939. But perhaps this now looks too obvious a channel of criticism given that it is historic and it would have been very different if Hitler had been a paedophile, (slobber, sweat, stamp, shout) instead of just loving children.

More recently our agenda has included publishing material reflecting how we regard people like you, the celebrity class, as fodder…or rather, annoying fair game, but only a small part of our racist, misanthropic, misogynistic, hypocritical, deceit-laden, fear-playing, message distorting, Dacre-”soul” reflecting, daily output.

For this daily behaviour we apologise, unreservedly.
Knowing full well that the judgemental god we are taught to believe in by our, King of the Hypocrites, Group CEO, has already condemned every last one of our editors to eternal damnation. He always called them “cunts” and they have long endeavoured to live up to this demeaning curse.

You, of course, represent the worst kind of celebrity as far as we are concerned – an intelligent, left leaning liberal, trying to make the world a “better place” (Yuk!) – and what’s worse, someone with considerable power over the female readership we are trying hard to turn into self-hating consumption machines. You may make people sit up and take notice of our shameful behaviour towards humanity. This is why we had to try and undermine you by whatever methods suited our canon.

For this we are genuinely and deeply sorry. We feared that it may actually affect the only goal of our management:- profits, but it seems that the public are possibly even more stupid than our past, lower, sales figures suggest, so perhaps this was a needless worry.

So we are really sorry
that we can’t discover that you are a paedophile.
Really, really, sorry, and we hope you accept this fuller apology and leave the country soon,

Hahaaaaaa – of course not, it will just raise sales again!
do your worst, we are unaccountable and you can Hack off,
you liberal twat!

oops – Ed. 



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A formal complaint to the BBC

Complaint-DepartmentAgain on the Andrew Marr Show – on the 1st June.
Enough is enough.
So I decided to make a formal complaint to the BBC:-

“…it isn’t just ONE incident – you have given the MPless, spineless bigot refugee from the Tories, more coverage than the Green party have received in a decade. I had hoped that following the Euro elections you would cease to be his party promotional machine but it goes on…
Interviewing Nigel Farage.
and let’s have Caroline Lucas or Natalie Bennett on, talking about the politics of world disaster that your squabble focused tittle tattle enhancing hacks seem to think is unimportant compared to the Little Britain, rally-the-bigots agenda.

MPs constantly vote down the “popular death penalty majority” – basically the same crowd who want to ban all immigrants and refuse to listen to education and information.  Now, stop building these morons up like they were important, or a majority. They are not.

Educate inform and entertain them with some world truths outside the Westminster bubble of 4 year selfish blindness.”

You can make a complaint that has to be recorded – online at or via the phone line  03700 100 222.

Fight back against Stupidity bias at the BBC.


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A Litmus test to use on friends & acquaintances

farage-TatchellThe question is this:
What is your reaction to these two people?

and then 3 basic sub questions:

1. How much do you know about what each of them has done in the field of politics and what each holds as beliefs?

2. How much have you seen either of these people in the media, and what do you believe this implies about the media you imbibe?

3. Are appearances (clothing, approachability, “attractiveness”, apparent sexuality etc.) more or less important to you than what views erstwhile leaders represent?

I confess to having met one and not the other, and given that my views are those of the intelligent liberal humanitarian base, it’s no surprise to know I sought out Tatchell’s company over Farage. (and always will)
I also confess to at one time distrusting Tatchell, I felt he was being too uncompromising and radical for the good of the labour party.

That was a long while ago, and I was wrong. Peter has now adopted Green politics, as have I, and I see his radical intent for what it is, a heartfelt commitment to right and proper thinking. As opposed to Farage’s commitment to selfish right wing garbage.

So if you find that you cannot warm to Peter Tatchell, but are reading this blog because you have fairly liberal ideas, maybe you should wonder why? – was it his attempts to get Mugabe arrested (that led to him being beaten up)? his attempts to stand up for equality in an Eastern Europe obsessed with homophobia? (that led to him being beaten up) or merely his out gay personality? (which led to a silent rejection by many in the Labour party back in the 80s…)
And if you have a wafer thin mint of grudging respect for Nigel Farage as a politician “different from the mainstream” – then please – drown yourself in beer and burn down a rainforest, because underneath that traditional smarmy veneer, that’s what he is all about…

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The death penalty is next, then the poor house.

nooseIt’s rare that I get so fed up with the shallow approach of the BBC news service to the extent that I turn off Radio 4, but hearing this UKIP-laden juvenalia has done it.

Labour are doing the post election media rounds, busily defending Ed Miliband and his adenoidal weather vane checking. The Tories remain supremely loyal to the distraction based manipulation of the rich and their short term selfishness agenda. The Lib Dems’ one decent message – that Europe is a good thing, successfully created to prevent the repeat of 2 world wars, – is rejected, and the Greens are ignored because they want to save the planet rather than next year’s wage increases.

This is disastrous.

The media appears to be owned by this short term selfish establishment ground (not those mythologised, hard-working families in the squeezed middle) and no politician is ready to stand up and shout, “European free movement is a good thing”.
I will.

European free movement is a good thing.
Good for British people,
good for our economy, and
good for Europe’s and the world’s human population, no matter what the apparent short term costs.

Politicians who stand up to the UKIP fascist tendency will be standing up to the same “Hard working families” who want to reintroduce the death penalty.

The death penalty is a bad thing.
Here is something that politicians do say, and agree on. Every time it comes up for a renewed debate due to some private member bowing to the”hard working people’s” shallow thinking (70% of UK public want to see it reintroduced), it gets rejected following rational debate.

Spineless, mega-wealthy-Tory owned, fear-pandering media, I am used to. To counter this we must have a BBC that does NOT bow to the misanthropic agenda. Rational debate does not require daily revisiting of flat earth arguments.
BBC producers and journalists need to find a backbone here, not continue to pretend that a populist fear-based nonsense debate deserves more airtime than a serious, world-threatening climate change, mass extinction, future of mankind agenda. This is not about pandas and snow leopards, it is about the future progress of all life on this planet.

I may not be able to persuade the majority of voting British public to grasp the need for intelligent debate on our great grandchildren’s future, but at least I can shout at our precious BBC not to stoop so low. So low as to actually feed this pathetic thinking that, getting out of Europe, stopping immigration and returning to the Daily Mail’s hallowed “good” old days of death penalty, poor-house barbarism, is even worthy of discussion.

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An Idiot’s guide to Europe for potential UKIP voters.

You’re young,eu puzzle
you think the straight banana story is true and you like to take the mick out of the French, I understand, it’s fun, but… Europe is decanting millions of its unwanted scumbags to us and ruining our economy! Isn’t it?

I’m old – well, old enough to understand why Ted Heath’s generation grasped the importance of a European union in creating a modern society where we did not spend our time undertaking economic and tribal warfare at the expense of millions of lives and militarised demolished economies.

This is what the European Union is for – to prevent war and encourage harmonious and easy trade for the benefit of all its members.
It has been an amazing success.
At this point the potential UKIP voter will no doubt be thinking about all the negatives – the mythical straight banana laws, the appalling Human Rights Act (that may well save their families from any authoritarian regime in the future) the free travel that means we can deport all our scumbag criminals to any part of the EU… such as all those EDL members and retired bank robbers living it up on English breakfasts in the Costa del Crime. Apparently these people have enjoyed reading the gutter press myth-making that has fed this bogus notion of Europe for decades.

Oh… was that freedom we enjoy not what sprung to mind when the idea of free travel and right to work anywhere in Europe was mentioned? I’m sorry, “Eat cake and still have it travelers”.

Yes, there is a smell of bad bureaucracy about Brussels, (Farage should know, he does love to personally profit from it),
Yes, Monetary union has been a step too far, that we are blessedly free from, thanks to Gordon Brown’s spotting of the loopholes that other greedy states fell through.
Yes, Europe is possibly a bit too big now, with all the new members who have wisely sought its protection from war and its positive economic benefits.

And yes – the ignorance of the post war generation, believing that “getting out of Europe”, is a good idea, is a mind-numbing reminder of just how possible it is to forget history, including a Holocaust… and rely instead on the basest of xenophobic instincts. Rely enough to reboot the whole cycle and ruin the lives of generations to come.

Europe is a massive benefit to that subtle state of peace that an entire generation has enjoyed for the first century since the dawn of time. It has also allowed us to be a more humane and socially inclusive society in a world where capitalist greed and myopic selfishness cannot be allowed to grow like a cancer in the UKIP (and many other Tories) notion of freedom.

I have corresponded with my four MEPs over the laws that will critically allow us freedom of the internet when the USA and other large bodies are seeking to curtail it. If you do not even know who your MEPs are then you are disqualified from having an opinion on what it should and shouldn’t do… Democracy relies upon our mutual vigilance, Tabloid Nazis upon our ignorance.

So to those who fail to grasp the importance of this debate, I say, Wake up and smell the delicious Parisian coffee.
or drown in an ever more small brained idea of nationalism that will lead inevitably to war and retrogressive legislation.

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Time to burst the money illusion bubble.

gideon ratToday’s news reports included mention of how RBS will get around the limit on bonuses (of 100% of an already over-good salary) to try and reward their “best banker” employees with larger sums of money.

Despite the best efforts of Occupy and many other intelligent voices, not just on the left, we still seem to allow the idea of the banking bubble in our economic thinking as being a good thing.

The idea seems to go like this.
The banking industry is one of the key drivers of the UK economy, so… attracting the best people here, with ever larger sums of money that any decent human being would find almost impossible to spend, means we should all roll over and let them play this international amorality game.

The idea that this is harmful to the entire western world now has an eloquent spokesman who has garnered a mass of evidence that even American capitalist think tanks are taking seriously. I am all for the Labour party taking this seriously too (as suggested in that article) …but what do I see the Labour party doing? Seeking American expertise to get Miliband elected. What is it with our obsessive idea that America is a success story?

Banking – fail,
Green policies – fail,
Religion – fail
Education – fail,
Military spending sense – fail
Their economy suffers from the biggest national debt in the world and we still want to emulate them?

How about we try some vague and gentle socialism?… what’s that you say?! not a Labour party policy? Instead of learning from those in Scandinavia who have succeeded in economic and social terms we should copy the failing and flailing beast that is the USA?
This is insanity.

Anyway my idea for the banking industry is as follows -

All the evidence shows that far from being the irreplaceable geniuses that we need to make banking work for us all – the vast majority of bankers are mediocre thinkers at best and utter failures at worst. These are the people who helped create the world economic mess, have no magic skill with numbers and are far from irreplaceable.

So let’s take all their bonus pots – (Shareholders: listen, learn and follow this rule) and invest it in the best “moral banking” teaching for our unemployed graduates who show ability and understanding. Train these people up and within 3 years we will have brilliant bankers happy to do a better job for just a decent living wage – say 1ooth of that taken by the fattest cats. If I can live off £30K a year they can easily live well on £100K – no one needs to earn more than that in reality.

But no – we will stumble meekly on allowing these and other fat cat greed merchants to dictate the terms of employment, punish the poor and reward the rich until a people’s revolution, possibly prompted by major catastrophic climate events, ends the system to everyone’s detriment.


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No, seriously, it is poisoning the UK’s waking class.


I help with food bank vouchers. The questions asked by this worker seem excessive to me, but then we do not expect journalists to utterly go against their professional code by lying to cheat a charity…
This latest example from the Wail on Sunday is just another in a long line of pieces that helps to destroy the soul of journalism whilst mendaciously attacking anything remotely “liberal”.

And when I say “liberal” I mean, “attempting to create a society where all human beings are respected and treated as of equal worth until such time as they prove to be Mail funders.”

Now the “liberal elite” – us,  or “waking class people” as I prefer to call them, – have been laying into the excesses of the Dacre organ almost since it was Hitler’s main rallying supporter in the UK. (1934-39 – ed) And little good has it done, in the sense of the Mail circulation should logically have dropped to the point of extinction by now.
It has not.

I speak to a lot of reasonably intelligent people during my work, and sadly, among the quite high powered women, many absolutely know that this is a disgraceful, deceitful, rag from hell – but they still read it…
“Only online, love the gossip! but I wouldn’t dream of buying it!”, they say…
Well, I don’t want to worry your pretty little heads with the menace of societal destruction, but you ARE buying it just by clicking on its online pages.
The Mail on Sunday and MailOnline earn more from their web advertising than they do from the sales of the toilet paper version. The advertisers fund on the basis of page views, it is that simple.

So you see just by enjoying online (really?) the fabricated gossip regarding celebrity armpit hair and fascinating news of babies and diets, you are also paying for the Daily Dacre onslaught upon human developmental and democratic thinking.

And if you are still under any illusions, this piece by a Mail Journalist shows that Mr “Cunt” Dacre is as bad a bully to his own staff as he wants to be to the entire waking class of the British people.
Much as Alastair Campbell wants to help his fellow journalists escape from such slave camps, we cannot expect the journalist profession to bring down part of their own edifice, no matter how rotten it smells. That would be like MPs voting to become accountable for expenses they claim…
The only solution is the slow awakening of the ordinary people to how this rag needs to be tackled -
Never buy,
Never link,
Never stop alerting people to

The utterly despicable nature of this necrotic turd organ.


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Malaysian plane still not news news.


A friend and I discussed this the other day – before this story slipped to page 5 of most news nodes.

Is ‘the absence of something’ more or less newsworthy, the longer the absence continues?

We are certainly used to seeing Tabloids making non news into long running story arcs – (“Lady Diana was killed by….” “The McCanns were not using…”).  In this case however what we have is a deepening mystery, but no news. As such, the usual 7-10 day law of the news story arc tends to apply.
It’s been fun to see various outlets feature certain types of expert on this matter – Radio 4 found a “Catastrophe insurance expert” talking about the possibility that the controls of the aircraft were remotely taken over by computer – since this had happened with a drone that was landed safely by a third party (should have had fully comp – Ed.). This could be done without the involvement of the pilot she said…

Well there is some pet theory fun to be had there, sure, but a drone doesn’t have expert crew and 200+ passengers in possession of mobile phones –  so the safe landing theory surely has to take a bit of a tumble unless it has some heavy duty hijackers thrown into the mix.

Applying Occam’s razor to this story doesn’t give you a nice simple solution, but it does rule out a fair few of the more lurid speculations about the fate of this Boeing 777 “smart plane” – and I find it hard to think of any of the Razor cut down ideas involving living passengers.  We should not be surprised that there have been several false dawns and leads – when there is no real news speculation and media hunger can quickly turn a genuine news story into a “Fox news” story.  None of these have changed the basic picture one iota…The most obvious answer to me is that, while someone did manage to turn off communications and do something weird – like try and fly the plane incognito to an unknown destination – their plan went wrong (passenger revolt as in United 93?) and the plane sank without trace into some deep ocean… as it is fully entitled to do under the laws of gravity.

The frustrating thing is that, given the search area is now over a few billion square miles,  it is also perfectly feasible for this to be a mystery that outlasts your and my lifespans. Now that’s non-news.

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Sun Chiefs: Committing massive crimes is OK if we do them.



Funny how the anti-Leveson Redtops are so keen on the non news of 40 years ago, as if this headline wasn’t bordering on the libellous…

but they are not busily reporting how Coulson, Brooks and Murdoch sanctioned bribing police officers, hacking phones, monstering the vulnerable, slandering Scousers, and faking photos and stories to suit their xenophobic, homophobic, misanthropic, screamingly ignorant, arrogant, bullshit fountain.

Yup, funny that.

Seeing as that behaviour is all current, relevant and something they are responsible for, whereas this Dacre & Murdoch boiled up bullshit is from before most of their readers were born.

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