Conversations with a Daily Vile reader


I have actually  tried this.

I mean I occasionally meet people who appear in many other ways to be humane, thinking, intelligent people, but suddenly I notice that there is this weird rag on one of their occasional tables and my blood chills and slows a little. The Daily Vile sells… why?

On twitter there are thousands of people who, with varying degrees of wit, savagely satirise Paul Dacre’s tiny minded organ, but then also many who, in doing so, link to the MailOnline and thus help them laugh all the way to the bank by driving up their advertising revenue. Their habit of printing ripped off stories, badly misconstrued and distorted by perverse editorial minds is apparently no deterrent to “readers”. Nor the fact that it is all accompanied by the cheapest sort of soft smut that titillates sucker buyers and offends anyone with half an eye out for hypocrisy.

So why do people buy this epitome of vileness?

Yes – it supports some widely held prejudices, xenophobic, sexist and homophobic tendencies – that will of course attract a wide range of morons, but as I mentioned, many readers at least appear to be outside that, we should hope, much to be diminished set of backward deadbrains.

So I occasionally ask one of these acquaintances, “Why do you choose that… thing to read?”, and despite them sometimes having said that they are all for humane freedoms,  this crumbles upon scrutiny.  In fact, it is soon revealed that my initial judgement of them as acceptable and intelligent acquaintances was misplaced.  It becomes apparent that their previously disguised prejudices are against anything remotely liberal – not as in party politics, as in, promoting personal freedom and equal opportunity. Oh sure, they may be nice to small children and animals …but so was Hitler.  While no one is all good or all bad, I have decided that having a conversation with a Mail reader about anything other than small children and animals is probably unwise and definitely unproductive.

So no more conversations with Daily Mail readers.  It is bad for me as well as for the post medieval world.


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