No, seriously, it is poisoning the UK’s waking class.


I help with food bank vouchers. The questions asked by this worker seem excessive to me, but then we do not expect journalists to utterly go against their professional code by lying to cheat a charity…
This latest example from the Wail on Sunday is just another in a long line of pieces that helps to destroy the soul of journalism whilst mendaciously attacking anything remotely “liberal”.

And when I say “liberal” I mean, “attempting to create a society where all human beings are respected and treated as of equal worth until such time as they prove to be Mail funders.”

Now the “liberal elite” – us,  or “waking class people” as I prefer to call them, – have been laying into the excesses of the Dacre organ almost since it was Hitler’s main rallying supporter in the UK. (1934-39 – ed) And little good has it done, in the sense of the Mail circulation should logically have dropped to the point of extinction by now.
It has not.

I speak to a lot of reasonably intelligent people during my work, and sadly, among the quite high powered women, many absolutely know that this is a disgraceful, deceitful, rag from hell – but they still read it…
“Only online, love the gossip! but I wouldn’t dream of buying it!”, they say…
Well, I don’t want to worry your pretty little heads with the menace of societal destruction, but you ARE buying it just by clicking on its online pages.
The Mail on Sunday and MailOnline earn more from their web advertising than they do from the sales of the toilet paper version. The advertisers fund on the basis of page views, it is that simple.

So you see just by enjoying online (really?) the fabricated gossip regarding celebrity armpit hair and fascinating news of babies and diets, you are also paying for the Daily Dacre onslaught upon human developmental and democratic thinking.

And if you are still under any illusions, this piece by a Mail Journalist shows that Mr “Cunt” Dacre is as bad a bully to his own staff as he wants to be to the entire waking class of the British people.
Much as Alastair Campbell wants to help his fellow journalists escape from such slave camps, we cannot expect the journalist profession to bring down part of their own edifice, no matter how rotten it smells. That would be like MPs voting to become accountable for expenses they claim…
The only solution is the slow awakening of the ordinary people to how this rag needs to be tackled –
Never buy,
Never link,
Never stop alerting people to

The utterly despicable nature of this necrotic turd organ.


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