An Idiot’s guide to Europe for potential UKIP voters.

You’re young,eu puzzle
you think the straight banana story is true and you like to take the mick out of the French, I understand, it’s fun, but… Europe is decanting millions of its unwanted scumbags to us and ruining our economy! Isn’t it?

I’m old – well, old enough to understand why Ted Heath’s generation grasped the importance of a European union in creating a modern society where we did not spend our time undertaking economic and tribal warfare at the expense of millions of lives and militarised demolished economies.

This is what the European Union is for – to prevent war and encourage harmonious and easy trade for the benefit of all its members.
It has been an amazing success.
At this point the potential UKIP voter will no doubt be thinking about all the negatives – the mythical straight banana laws, the appalling Human Rights Act (that may well save their families from any authoritarian regime in the future) the free travel that means we can deport all our scumbag criminals to any part of the EU… such as all those EDL members and retired bank robbers living it up on English breakfasts in the Costa del Crime. Apparently these people have enjoyed reading the gutter press myth-making that has fed this bogus notion of Europe for decades.

Oh… was that freedom we enjoy not what sprung to mind when the idea of free travel and right to work anywhere in Europe was mentioned? I’m sorry, “Eat cake and still have it travelers”.

Yes, there is a smell of bad bureaucracy about Brussels, (Farage should know, he does love to personally profit from it),
Yes, Monetary union has been a step too far, that we are blessedly free from, thanks to Gordon Brown’s spotting of the loopholes that other greedy states fell through.
Yes, Europe is possibly a bit too big now, with all the new members who have wisely sought its protection from war and its positive economic benefits.

And yes – the ignorance of the post war generation, believing that “getting out of Europe”, is a good idea, is a mind-numbing reminder of just how possible it is to forget history, including a Holocaust… and rely instead on the basest of xenophobic instincts. Rely enough to reboot the whole cycle and ruin the lives of generations to come.

Europe is a massive benefit to that subtle state of peace that an entire generation has enjoyed for the first century since the dawn of time. It has also allowed us to be a more humane and socially inclusive society in a world where capitalist greed and myopic selfishness cannot be allowed to grow like a cancer in the UKIP (and many other Tories) notion of freedom.

I have corresponded with my four MEPs over the laws that will critically allow us freedom of the internet when the USA and other large bodies are seeking to curtail it. If you do not even know who your MEPs are then you are disqualified from having an opinion on what it should and shouldn’t do… Democracy relies upon our mutual vigilance, Tabloid Nazis upon our ignorance.

So to those who fail to grasp the importance of this debate, I say, Wake up and smell the delicious Parisian coffee.
or drown in an ever more small brained idea of nationalism that will lead inevitably to war and retrogressive legislation.

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