The death penalty is next, then the poor house.

nooseIt’s rare that I get so fed up with the shallow approach of the BBC news service to the extent that I turn off Radio 4, but hearing this UKIP-laden juvenalia has done it.

Labour are doing the post election media rounds, busily defending Ed Miliband and his adenoidal weather vane checking. The Tories remain supremely loyal to the distraction based manipulation of the rich and their short term selfishness agenda. The Lib Dems’ one decent message – that Europe is a good thing, successfully created to prevent the repeat of 2 world wars, – is rejected, and the Greens are ignored because they want to save the planet rather than next year’s wage increases.

This is disastrous.

The media appears to be owned by this short term selfish establishment ground (not those mythologised, hard-working families in the squeezed middle) and no politician is ready to stand up and shout, “European free movement is a good thing”.
I will.

European free movement is a good thing.
Good for British people,
good for our economy, and
good for Europe’s and the world’s human population, no matter what the apparent short term costs.

Politicians who stand up to the UKIP fascist tendency will be standing up to the same “Hard working families” who want to reintroduce the death penalty.

The death penalty is a bad thing.
Here is something that politicians do say, and agree on. Every time it comes up for a renewed debate due to some private member bowing to the”hard working people’s” shallow thinking (70% of UK public want to see it reintroduced), it gets rejected following rational debate.

Spineless, mega-wealthy-Tory owned, fear-pandering media, I am used to. To counter this we must have a BBC that does NOT bow to the misanthropic agenda. Rational debate does not require daily revisiting of flat earth arguments.
BBC producers and journalists need to find a backbone here, not continue to pretend that a populist fear-based nonsense debate deserves more airtime than a serious, world-threatening climate change, mass extinction, future of mankind agenda. This is not about pandas and snow leopards, it is about the future progress of all life on this planet.

I may not be able to persuade the majority of voting British public to grasp the need for intelligent debate on our great grandchildren’s future, but at least I can shout at our precious BBC not to stoop so low. So low as to actually feed this pathetic thinking that, getting out of Europe, stopping immigration and returning to the Daily Mail’s hallowed “good” old days of death penalty, poor-house barbarism, is even worthy of discussion.

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