A Litmus test to use on friends & acquaintances

farage-TatchellThe question is this:
What is your reaction to these two people?

and then 3 basic sub questions:

1. How much do you know about what each of them has done in the field of politics and what each holds as beliefs?

2. How much have you seen either of these people in the media, and what do you believe this implies about the media you imbibe?

3. Are appearances (clothing, approachability, “attractiveness”, apparent sexuality etc.) more or less important to you than what views erstwhile leaders represent?

I confess to having met one and not the other, and given that my views are those of the intelligent liberal humanitarian base, it’s no surprise to know I sought out Tatchell’s company over Farage. (and always will)
I also confess to at one time distrusting Tatchell, I felt he was being too uncompromising and radical for the good of the labour party.

That was a long while ago, and I was wrong. Peter has now adopted Green politics, as have I, and I see his radical intent for what it is, a heartfelt commitment to right and proper thinking. As opposed to Farage’s commitment to selfish right wing garbage.

So if you find that you cannot warm to Peter Tatchell, but are reading this blog because you have fairly liberal ideas, maybe you should wonder why? – was it his attempts to get Mugabe arrested (that led to him being beaten up)? his attempts to stand up for equality in an Eastern Europe obsessed with homophobia? (that led to him being beaten up) or merely his out gay personality? (which led to a silent rejection by many in the Labour party back in the 80s…)
And if you have a wafer thin mint of grudging respect for Nigel Farage as a politician “different from the mainstream” – then please – drown yourself in beer and burn down a rainforest, because underneath that traditional smarmy veneer, that’s what he is all about…

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