A formal complaint to the BBC

Complaint-DepartmentAgain on the Andrew Marr Show – on the 1st June.
Enough is enough.
So I decided to make a formal complaint to the BBC:-

“…it isn’t just ONE incident – you have given the MPless, spineless bigot refugee from the Tories, more coverage than the Green party have received in a decade. I had hoped that following the Euro elections you would cease to be his party promotional machine but it goes on…
Interviewing Nigel Farage.
and let’s have Caroline Lucas or Natalie Bennett on, talking about the politics of world disaster that your squabble focused tittle tattle enhancing hacks seem to think is unimportant compared to the Little Britain, rally-the-bigots agenda.

MPs constantly vote down the “popular death penalty majority” – basically the same crowd who want to ban all immigrants and refuse to listen to education and information.  Now, stop building these morons up like they were important, or a majority. They are not.

Educate inform and entertain them with some world truths outside the Westminster bubble of 4 year selfish blindness.”

You can make a complaint that has to be recorded – online at BBC.co.uk/complaints or via the phone line  03700 100 222.

Fight back against Stupidity bias at the BBC.


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