The social democrat idealist’s dilemma

Despite the mini-kerfuffle over Cameron choosing some women cabinet members to decorate his dying brand, and wisely removing the GreasyGove, (thus gaining, maybe 25, votes from tory teachers) – it is patently clear that this Tory led “coalition of the corrupting” has to be buried at the next election.

Unfortunately, my vote cannot go whereed-miliband
perhaps you would think it should…
The two Eds’ backgrounds as privileged political  twonks, things like this picture, and THIS and THIS and so much more, convince me that the Labour party will never again be an agent of positive change – just a seeker of power and membership of the establishment.

If you are thinking of voting Labour in 2015,  can you put your hand on your heart and say it is because you think that Labour has vastly improved on its pink Conservatism and war-mongering of Tony Blair? –
Or is it a vote from habit? – a belief that the party which brought in true democratic institutions, and brave positive actions, after the disaster of WW2, may actually return to its root beliefs in equality and social justice?
It is now a plastic imitation bush, not a thriving tree with roots.

There is one party that does appear to hold true to those principles – and unlike the 3 “main” parties, it does not have unwritten drivers based on, “Trying to help my mates for the next 4 years”.
The Green party is founded on the idea of doing the work that might allow our great grandchildren to live in a better world.
This actually involves some solid socialist principles – the very ones abandoned by 90% (bless Dennis Skinner & Paul Flynn) of the parliamentary Labour party.
It also involves some aspects, in terms of reactions to their policies, that may mean not winning an election, – such as the generally under-educated and short sighted selfishness of the Tabloid reading public…
but what choice do we have?

Would we of the left really vote for the lesser of two patent evils because we believe they may make life better in the long run? That they can not only change back but also magically overcome the heavy hand of the establishment and its puppet tory media? Or do we vote for something that we can actually believe in, that doesn’t leave us smelling of shameless compromise and the very shortsighted grab for power that we wish our political elite would abandon…?
Challenge the Greens on their policies and beliefs by all means,  I want to see them held to account. They are going to have a hell of a job breaking down establishment resistance to long term thinking so need heavy discussion and engagement from all as to how to achieve this… but don’t say there is no alternative to the Labour party,
…it has become a comfy bed of quicksand for the self-serving middle class wannabes.
When it comes to that den of defunct dragons, I’m out.

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