Women – you know you’re feeling shit, let’s do drugs

I don’t mean illegal drugs silly! – no, those are fun. I mean these drugs:

womans mag

…as in the magazine itself and everything contained in it.
(cover by Twitter’s @TechnicallyRon, give him a #ff)
The content of your ̶ d̶r̶u̶g̶, I mean magazine, is as bad as the cover suggests: adverts that confirm the lies you have ingested since primary school, articles designed to create alienation, the overall message that within consumerism lie all your personalised solutions to…
Features and articles seem to be as if written by the more verbose arm of the advertisers PR firm staff.

That piece on how the widows of Gaza are really getting into L’Oreal’s moisturizing, dead hair-regenerating formula, is that really cool?
and The Dior scent that really does cover the smell of ISIS beheaded Christian teenager must be a SOOOOPer product…

NATO underarm deodorant is this magazine’s Autumn best buy – called “OverArm” (geddit) it means you can emerge feeling fresh and alive from your tank on the lawn, (just minus your arms).

Every product, every designed piece of nuclear waste, every sentence, every photo, these are the drugs that suppress your auto-humane system. Like sugar, you know this shit is making you fat and hopeless but you cannot resist,
– or maybe you can –
simply don’t spend any money on them
and they may disappear…

(unlike the Metro which has to be burned upon discovery)

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