Top Agencies are still killing vulnerable young women.

Anorexia-Nervosa-02 I and many other people, thought that we had started to move away from the horrific trend in Fashion circles, for the promotion of anorexia and the degradation of women.
Not so, it seems.

A young and vulnerable but tall girl I have news of, I shall call her Julie, aged 18 going on 12, is illustrating to me just what is wrong, and how it is still going on.
She was told she should use her quirky good looks to make a career in modelling and applied to several top London agencies. They immediately got back and she was snapped up by one of the biggest. The first thing she experienced was the boss lady “teaching her” the 2 most important skills of a model:
These were –
1) How to take cocaine
2) Diet, caffeine, and how to eat cotton wool to defeat the appetite.

When she decided to pull out of the contract due to shocked friends suggesting this was a nightmare, the agency boss poured scorn on them as provincial know-nothings and said she would call the police and enforce the penalty clause on her contract. Friends said, “Fine, you do that and we will detail to the police all your drug pushing and obscene habits” – so she dropped the contract like a hot potato.

This isn’t a gender issue per se, but the ideas and culture around what women should look like are still the major problem, and that is something we can all contribute to changing. As for these agencies, I would be most pleased if others would come forward to confirm or deny this ongoing state of obscenity – and if confirmed, take action before more girls die as a direct result.

The ages in this Wikipedia list of deaths from anorexia are telling:

Since the latest problems with modelling and parents – Julie has made 2 suicide attempts…

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