US friends: Is the Republican party racist?

We Brit liberals always jokedBushHaiti
about Dubya… 

He could hardly string a sentence together, his post-alcoholic faith in Jeezus and his dodgy approach to vacationing as a presidential mainstream occupation were hard to take – but one thing about him that many never comment on, was that…
he was NOT racist.

The evidence is there if you care to look but the reason I raise this is not to comment on Bush, but to illustrate the contrast with the current group of senators/presidential wannabes and their masters, media cheerleaders and moneymen in the corporations of America. There is no debate.

In The first election, a give away of a small size, but a significant one, by John McCain, (otherwise not so stupid), when he said, “That one”.
The Birther arguments – pursued by many as well as Donald Strumpet
The naming and attacks on Obamacare
The comments on Michelle Obama
The commentary on his “Sullen children”
The opposition to enacted bills 3 times more successful than their Republican counterparts
Their insistence on his responsibility for wrongs done by predecessors
Their treatment of his gamble on taking out Bin Laden
Their constant media attacks on anything he says, does, thinks, writes or breathes…
Racism – that is at the core of what powerful Republican voices now appear to believe – and they are encouraging their thick, fat, red state supporters to become more like the KKK with every stupid racist move they make.
The saddest part of this is that Republicans have an honourable history of support from Black people, with good reason, and this support was deserved right up until the Tea Party infected the thinking of the right…


Just compare the 60s reality

To this present day one….

As long as black people didn’t start demanding power as well as a lack of leg shackles, the Average Joe White man could hide a racist core set of fears away (along with fears of their own sexuality emerging as rampant homophobia) but once “they” (democracy) put a black man in the most powerful position in the US, it all came out to play.

So if you are a non-racist Republican voter, someone at ease with equal rights for all, pining for the days when yours was the party that believed in financial responsibility and true emancipation – I suggest you change your voting habit, because the reality of what Republicans in power means has changed for the worse, and you have been rejected by your GOP.

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