Illegal immigration explained (KIPPERS look away now)


In this groundbreaking ethnography, Ruben Andersson, a gifted anthropologist and journalist, travels along the clandestine migration trail from Senegal and Mali to the Spanish North African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. Through the voices of his informants, Andersson explores, viscerally and emphatically, how Europe s increasingly powerful border regime meets and interacts with its target the clandestine migrant. This vivid, rich work examines the subterranean migration flow from Africa to Europe, and shifts the focus from the illegal immigrants themselves to the vast industry built around their movements. This fascinating and accessible book is a must-read for anyone interested in the politics of international migration and the changing texture of global culture.

The points discussed in this award winning book include how many more non EU migrants come into the UK via plane than by boat, and, how the business is aimed at making money our of Africa’s poorest populations and not in preventing white migrants who populate the Romanian and Polish “Job thieving” myths.

It effectively makes the point that leaving the EU, the thing Farage claims will solve all our “problems”, will have zero effect on the illegal migrant numbers – merely making it much harder for Europeans, (including Brits who live and work in Europe, making Europe such an international trading capital) to legally cross UK borders.

Farage’s arguments are fairly easy to demolish using logic, argument and common sense, but of course, when the opponent responses are simply a series of sidesteps in a projection of self-hatred based fears such as homophobia, racist bigotry and sexism, then using logic and argument is as pointless as explaining the offside law to a rabid red setter.

The notion that Farage is defending the same principles as all our armed forces personnel who fought the 2nd world war is worse than laughable and is destroyed here. Fear of Europe is as irrational as fear of homosexuals, and the sooner the major politicians start playing up the advantages and benefits to this country and stop pandering to their own rabid wings of semi-Kippers, the better


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