Europe has lifted a revolver and fired the first blank.

The battle to save Greece has some truths still to emerge, but what has already emerged is quite shocking
This is a clip from that linked interview with Yanis Varoufakis…


Other reports reveal that many, particularly on the German side, had decided long before they invited Tsipras to present new proposals, that they just wanted to kill (by default, the Greek people and) their economy no matter what form the torture took.

So where does the reality of the revealed absence of character in our European leaders leave me?

I recently made a strong case for staying in Europe and reaffirmed what I thought it was all about. I saw the need for reform and the overriding need for a Europe at peace. Now I see that eurothe only reform that would be truly acceptable would be the total removal of the soulless money men who are in complete, undemocratic control of the thing, plus some kind of humiliating reminder to Germany that they are the reason we got in this mess in the first place.

Some are saying that the deal is also a climb down by the Germans, who overtly wanted a “Grexit”, partly to set the frighteners on Italy, Spain, Ireland and Portugal etc… Yet I can remember when the 8 member states were so keen to expand, then the 12… all able to be fooled by clever accountants that these lesser economies were still able to be a net contributor to the strength of the EU rather than not suitable for the Eurogame. If Germany seeks to punish any state for being a fool then it needs a look in the mirror.

You have no one to blame but yourselves EU leaders, but I can see a whole bunch of my friends and fans of Greece saying, “Referendum? sod you Cameron, Merkel and Delors, I want out”. UKIP proved right? how on earth can we have come to this?

And when all the recriminations occur, way down the road – with a disunited Europe of separate member states, economically irrelevant and ruled over by our Chinese, Russian and American overlords, it won’t be, “All this, including the third world war, was Greece’s fault”, it will be correctly blamed on the soulless monetarists with their short term power crazed robot minds.

The thing about playing Russian roulette repeatedly is that you always see something die – in this case it will, odds on, be the EU.

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