The juveniles have flooded the platform

I was growing up in the middle of “Beatlemania”, and even in the midst of it, as an 11 year old, I could see that there was:-
1) The music (which was quite good)
2) The fans, (a herd of sheep on crystal meth).

Today we have moved on in so many ways, we have money madness, we have a global media, and we have techno-whizz phones that make Star Trek’s predictions of clam shell communicators seem pathetic.
We have also seen a generation growing up with access to the internet… and parents, I have to tell you, this may be a mistake…

@OhSwifty ηαтαℓια ♥
We did it Swifties, Taylor Is Our Fearless Queen is #1 in TT’s, Taylor must be proud of us. <3
@MyWinner_Bieber Stratford Star ♔
No more criticism. No more be judged cause we love Justin. No more hate. No more envy. Rip Bieber Haters

@Trendeh paulie ♕
OmG OnE DiReCtIoN R HaViNg OnE FrEe CoNcErT AnD I PrObAblY WoNt B AbLe To Go mY LifE Is **OvEr**

These are just a tiny sample of the psychopathic pre-teen garblings that litter social network sites and can only promote and maintain the crystal meth supply to all these bouncy little lambs. Mostly of course I am just annoyed that I ever get to even hear about the latest feeding frenzy, as its traces scrawl across the Twittersphere and interrupt the occasional news or general interest web site.
The worrying thing though is that these lambikins are online without supervision – surely no sane parent would allow these pre-teens to shout about “Justin is God” on a forum armed with a hundred bullying trolls? and are not these worst trolls the exemplar of what happens to teens who get lost online just when the hormones kick in?

We need to place a few metaphorical light-bulbs near them, as often as possible, in order to promote growth to adulthood and away from these destructive addictions.
Let the young people know that boys and girls who were once almost as lost in space as they are, are now in their 60s. Yes! they went almost as crazy and imbecilic as you, but over The Beatles, Elvis Presley or even PJ Proby
– “Who?” I hear you ask..
Ahhh – PJ Proby was like Justin Bieber, only with balls and a voice, …and similarly, not enough talent to last.
Fact:- fans grow up. (thank Dawkins)
I trust and hope that the average age of a “Belieber” is under 13 – it certainly looks that way from their animated gif icons on twitter, because once your balls drop or your breasts arrive, you really need to start to understand that music is a fine thing. Music can be a great accompaniment to sex, that’s music, as made by adults who also know what music and sex actually are…
The one thing that all the vapid subjects of this adoration seem to have in common is being sexless, white, and inhumanly poster-pretty.
The light-bulb near these fans needs to be there, ready to point out that they will not feel this way once they have discovered what life is actually about,
and, so they know they should GET THE FUCK OFF TWITTER
…clogging up the server is a genuine disservice to the world and really pisses me off.

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