Remarkable judgement

savileSwiftly following the exposure of David Cameron as someone who avoids questions about his destruction of the NHS by saying he has some expensive suits, we have had the report on the Savile affair within the BBC.
The squirming has been palpable on the radio airwaves.

When it comes to being judgemental, my mother, who recently celebrated her 90th birthday, was one of the least negative people I have ever met.
Us boys might be discussing some foul dictator or despotic politician and she would almost always come out with a line about , “I’m sure he has some good points…”,
She was very patient and loving towards the wide range of tramps, pontificators, ladies with hats, schizophrenics, snobs and idiots, that are a huge part of vicarage life.
And today we have heard how people failed to realise that Jimmy Savile was a monster in foul clothing – The BBC culture is blamed and yet even our former prime minister Margaret Thatcher saw fit to invite him for Christmas with her family 11 times.

and yet…
it took my mum just 15 seconds of contact with him at a big fete in 1970 where she was one of the volunteers, for her to change the mood of the ladies from the church. One had asked her what was her impression of the man after he had kissed her hand as he went around the stalls and she immediately said, “Disgusting man, horrible and soulless”, I remember it so well because it was incredibly shocking to hear her speak with such vehemence about anything – certainly not about another human being.

The nation is currently being led by a Tory who worshipped Maggie,  one with less intelligence and understanding of international politics – and even worse judgement of character. The destruction of our institutions and greedy theft of money from the poor to give to the rich is happening because we have allowed elitist snobs with a sense of entitlement to fulfil their fascistic fantasies.

My mother was sure that some really nice people went to Eton – and she was probably right –
I still say we should burn it to the ground
and be harshly judgemental of a group of people more disgusting and ten times more damaging than Jimmy Savile.

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