Duncan Smith’s hell hole and Ken Loach.

LoachKen Loach has won the Palme D’or at Cannes for his film, “I Daniel Blake”, that savages the government’s austerity policies and the benefits system in particular –
Not sure I am going to be able to relax and see it…
Here’s why.
It takes a lot of gritting teeth to actually even begin to try and claim benefits. I would be totally amazed if any of those infamous job stealing migrants could ever make it through the process…
but I was advised, following redundancy that, pending getting a new job at age 60, I should at least find out – so apply, online at first, I did.

I thought it might manage to guide me through but no, it told me I had to ring – I tried but that “didn’t work” either – and so I made a complaint, online,
this one:-
“What is the nature of your complaint about Jobseekers allowance?”
(Tick box= trying to apply)

“I eventually got through on the phone…
I was speaking very clear English, (my wife agreed)
– she (your worker) kept saying “sorry” with an exasperated questioning tone like I was speaking from a distant planet.
As I was explaining why I was applying, for what, and what my query was, for the third time, giving all the answers to her questions – that she clearly didn’t understand -she hung up.

All this after massive delays on hold and a phone message repeating ad nauseam that I should apply online – which is exactly where I had been applying, getting past the repeated questions (very DWP old school) until it finally told me I could NOT apply online and directed me to the phone number…

The whole process feels like a Kafka-esque charade designed to stop people from applying or drive them insane in the attempt.

I have 2 degrees and years of public speaking experience, I feel for those who have greater difficulty with communications.

The fact is I have been made redundant, have a wife who is self employed and works less than 20 hours, for a pittance, and I need to find out if I have to burn my modest savings or can get back some of that tax (“contribution based”) that I have been paying in order that Iain Duncan Smith can have free £39 breakfasts at our expense while he drives disabled people to suicide…

so, a simple complaint really –
do you want to serve, or kill people?
Ken Loach wants to know.”

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