Blair would have smashed them to pieces!

tory turmoil

It’s probably true – the Blair Brown party of the year 2000 would have, if now the opposition, made total mincemeat of the mess that the Tories have made of trying to be politicians in the face of an EU blunder of blunders.

Every prominent leave campaigner has left the stage pursued by phantom bears.
Those who wanted to ‘take back control’ have said, “Really, no, I was joking, I don’t fancy this, it means disaster doesn’t it”,
A golden opportunity for a united left of centre Labour party to take the reins, rule the polls and charge back to power…isn’t it?
and that would be – New Blair, New Labour!
promising further privatisation of the NHS, new war in Iraq, more Academy schools sold of to the private sector, more austerity, a curtailing of benefits, immigration controls, a weak commitment to a single market, acquiescence to Rupert’s agenda and so much more…

Except they wouldn’t publicly promise that of course – they’d get very few votes if they did, – but on past form, that is what they would deliver once in power.
That is why I don’t want Blairites and others “winning” – which they keep saying is what they have to focus upon to achieve change whilst mocking those who fail to prioritise the winning mantra…
Well pardon me if I don’t want a nominal Labour party in power breaking such promises and lining their own pockets, while the poor bloody infantry wonder why they joined the union in the first place. That would be the lack of change that this kind of winning would bring.
If that is what we have to do to win, I’ll take Corbyn’s “losing”, thanks – he may be an ineffectual leader but at least he talks and acts like an honest broker of a potential base to build on. Besides, the failed 2015 Miliband “Blair-lite” bid left the Tories unfettered in power. How would reverting to that manifesto help anyone win?
At the moment the Chuku/Benn/Bradshaw elite squad don’t have anyone – or at least anyone better than Ed – but want to play the “(get rid of Corbyn and) we will be at least better than the Tories” line at the next election, as if they can reach the disaffected 2/3rds of the nation and charge to power with such bullshit.

British Politics is a mess
and by the time it stops being a mess we are likely to be at climate change hell x3 point with a bunch of us Greens saying “Told you so” as we commit suicide in vats of home knitted yoghurt…

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