Lies, Jokes and Nazis

Phrases or words you may have heard…election-rig
“Alt Right”, “Post Truth”, voter suppression, and now, “Heil Trump” and Neo Nazis.

Like many people I treated much of Trump’s campaign as a joke – a bad taste joke – but nevertheless, all approached with the calm assurance that even the dumber half of America couldn’t vote this clown into power.  We even joked about Nazis, never thinking that Alt-Reich fans of his could assemble in a hall and chant Heil Trump with Nazi salutes.
A thousand think pieces have analysed why it happened but every day now we wake up in a Trump world.

“Don’t worry, we have systems that will counter his crazier aspects and it won’t be that bad”, say some about the Donald disaster…I get it, I really do – the situation is so discomforting and confusing that it feels essential to just calm down and see if the bad nightmare can just be moderated downwards for the next 4 years.

Except this is almost exactly what the German middle class felt in 1936.

What Trump is doing in terms of clawing back freedoms and new programmes of denying human rights is likely to be maintained for way longer than 4 years, even if he is impeached, because he gets to nominate a pet Zeig Heil judge to the Supreme court – giving that court the ability to overturn Roe v Wade, and every other federal law that permits blacks, women, gays and ordinary liberal people the right to live in the land of the semi-free rather than a church dogma based dictatorship.

If you are not scared and angry then you must be waltzing into the disaster zone. Watching an excess of Strictly Come Dancing is not going to be such a fun memory for those in internment camps and jail for the ghastly crime of striving to live free of oppression.

The “alt right” is more properly called the “all Reich”;
Neo-Nazis who want to destroy every advance of feminism,  re-enslave the African Americans, kick all the Jews out of the country and drown the Mexicans. These are white supremacist men whose sense of entitlement is so extreme that they will stop at nothing to do others down for their own sad egos to thrive and gorge on Hitlerian fantasies.
The nay sayers to this warning may notice that our comfortable existence continues to hang on in there for a while but it is already starting to slip, I am not going to be part of a lazy majority that lets the whole thing slide.

I get criticism for being angry about this sort of thing and wonder if that same criticism would be levelled at my Dad for climbing into a Spitfire and actually killing people who were trying to inject those repressive ideas all the way across Europe and, from there, the world.
He was fighting this same thinking, these same debased ideologies that are central to Trump’s assembled team of far right goons.
The Brexidiots have lost us the long term protection from that old style of war that was the guiding principle of the EU. Now some are celebrating the arrival of Trump, Fool-bully Boris Johnson, as our Foreign Secretary, and Nigel Farage being suggested as ambassador to the USA. The lunatics are trying to take over not just the asylum, but every branch of diplomatic influence.
Lord Rothermere from his tax avoiding French exile pulls strings that cause a flood of anger against judges that are trying to simply preserve the rule of law.enemies-of-the-people

He was a personal Friend of Adolf’s, and his newspaper, the Daily Wail, supported Hitler right up to the outbreak of war. Do you read his family’s rag and agree that Judges are “enemies of the people”? a phrase that has gone down in the pages of infamy as belonging all the worst regimes in history…

All it takes for these ideas to take hold and then take actions that harm the whole world is for ordinary people to say nothing, to not risk appearing angry, to not object to gay rights being rolled back, nor Jews attacked in the street, nor Muslims being drowned to prevent them fleeing to the west from a war of the west’s making.
Kim Jong Un must be amazed and also laughing at how the rest of the world is sinking to his level.
As Frankie Boyle said, David Bowie was always one step ahead, like he could see the next trend coming and always be one step ahead of the game. It seems he saw 2016 coming and decided it was time to get the hell out of here.

I sure hope I see things swing back again before I pop my clogs. In the meantime I will only be able to carry on writing, encouraging, getting angry, objecting, and striving to make people think through the consequences of letting the powers that were (however unpopular they may have been) become the powers of the crazy right.


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