Riots, Race, Rape and Right wing takes.

What are riots for?
What are the root causes?
Which groups in society gain and which lose from riot stories?

“What have we got to gain?…Man, we’ got nothing left to lose!”

Since the SCROTUS mentioned “what happened last night in Sweden” people have been scouring the media for evidence to support their position on this crucial issue.
Not, “what actually happened in Sweden”, but “can the issue of savage and racially focused immigration control be justified on the basis of riots and other crimes caused by groups of refugees/migrants who have clearly been admitted too fast and in too large a number”. (to paraphrase what multiple commentators are implying, if not directly saying, like Trump.)

I’ve not been in, only ever seen the immediate aftermath of, a riot – just the one, in Brixton 1981. What I did learn from being there then was that anger can be a cocktail brewed in a pressure cooker that requires the weights taken off. A riot just knocks those weights off in an uncontrolled manner – and results in what the wider world only sees as being dangerous, wasteful and destructive.

What happens afterwards is that the media and established powers immediately start to see how they can use the riots to further their political agenda.
Think Reichstag fire…

The rabid right on Twitter are happily conflating yesterday’s riots in Malmo, where there were none, and Stockholm, (450 miles away), where 12 cars were burned out as disenfranchised migrant groups did riot after a drugs raid. No one died, no one was actually shot.
They say that these violent events show how you cannot allow migrants and refugees into any country. They don’t care to count gun deaths because that doesn’t suit the Americans’ agenda, they don’t want to know that the USA gun owners shoot dead more people every week than Swedish people do in 3 years…No, they want to keep this as a migrant issue,
not just about violence or crime.

A sad boy from Battersea has managed to collect 500K followers as part of the Infowars assault on intelligence, and he is determined to prove that Sweden is a violent country because of immigrants, (the facts suggest this is the usual projection of crude Islamophobic racist bullshit). Amusingly several people have taken him up on his offer to “give £2000 to any journalist who will go and reside in the immigrant quarter of Malmo and report on the reality”. He has given money to one, but not responded to the others – one of whom is now taking him to small claims court for breach of promise.

It is all most amusing, or would be if it wasn’t part of a massive upsurge in overt xenophobia and racist actions including physical assault and murder in this actual country where my family all live.  I liked the country I was living in, all through the 1990s and 2000s. I thought Farage was a ridiculous fart that people would see through and see off, but no – the Tory party rallied around the isolationist cause, and with Corbyn trying the “nuanced approach” to a policy that few people could understand even in simple terms, – we have gone backwards. Soon to return to the little failed state off the coast of Europe having betrayed the entire EU peace promotion project.

Will we somehow be “safer” from riots, and unemployment, and housing crises if we manage to prevent EU free immigration?
if we prevent refugees from coming here?

I do not believe so – I am sure we will suffer economically, and see our services decline further. The core enemy, for which migrants are the straw man, being Tory Austerity policy, which is proven not to work in economic or social prosperity terms.

When will we get riots in the UK again?
I wonder. We’ve had a few in prisons and detention centres, we are seeing a return to demonstrations against government actions, I would guess the usual agent provocateurs will now be building up to action.
All we need is a long hot summer.


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