The quirks in the life of the ego on twitter

I use twitter extensively now
– its like an addictive drug for making little asides that are basically for entertaining myself, hopefully a couple of others, but also I’m there to read and interact with, or just be be amused by so many short sharp tweeters.
There are some very sweet tweeters out there, plus of course there are angry assholes, but the beauty of twitter is you can just block those you don’t want to see and select the ones you want to read on a daily feed basis…

There has long been an amusing site that picks up on the tweets that are made with a knowing self deprecation, and yet mention something pertinent as a reminder of the tweeter’s fame:- the twitter account called “@humblebrag”.

Apparently I made a bit of a mistake in forwarding the self deprecating Dara O’Briain to @humblebrag, and want to use the example to illustrate a number of things. It started with me NOT seeing this tweet in my ‘timeline’, the collection of tweets I see from the 150 odd people I follow
1. @daraobrian 1. Well, well, well. Could be a co-incidence? RT @SKeoghDesigns: found this inside your book in a shop today

First point to this example, things are not always what they seem, and likewise people’s moods or rationales for doing anything.
Secondly, when people make a professional shout-out about how self deprecating they are, don’t expect them to like anyone hinting that it might not be the absolute rule of their public life.

For those not schooled in twitter, some of these lessons are a little like those that can come from rushing out emails without thinking about the wording. Mood cannot be contained well in short text. You also have to remember that people are not necessarily reading things in order – or all of what you say…

What I did see was this:

2. @daraobriain So, upside: my book was airline reading for the Irish Taoiseach, possibly. Downside: He then gave it to a charity shop…

3. @smileoftdecade (me, not having seen 1.)
@Humblebrag RT @daraobriain So, upside: my book was airline reading for the Irish Taoiseach. Downside: He then gave it to a charity shop…
(I had to trim a word to fit 140 character limit. For those who don’t see it, as I didn’t, – the name on the boarding pass in the pic is that of the Taoseach)

4. @daraobriain> @liencam Pointless passing that on to Humblebrag if you don’t include the previous tweet…..
(should have been sent to me, note different wording, “pointless” as opposed to “rude”, which if sent to me would have had a big difference in mood conveyance…)

5. @daraobriain> @liencam Apologies that was meant for someone else…
(liencam obviously then asked what Humblebrag is all about.)

6. @daraobriain> @liencam It’s a site that started funny but anytime I’m self-deprecating now some douche forwards my tweets there. Worth a look though..

7. @daraobriain> @smileoftdecade Bit rude to send that to Humblebrag if you aren’t going to include the preceding tweet it was about as well.

8. me to @daraobriain sorry, I don’t get to read every timeline tweet, (do you?) sure she follows so, judgment will not be fatal.. 😉

8(a). me to @daraobriain &…you can always send those if you feel so strongly about it. 🙂 The fact this urked you enough to respond says what?

9. me to @daraobriain Humblebrag is the judge of whether that happens – of all responses do you only respond to these? and as I said.. on hootsuite..

9(a). me to @daraobriain …t’was the only visible tweet, that is how twitter works a lot of the time, each tweet standing alone, not paragraphs in a book

10. @daraobriain> @smileoftdecade So what it “says” is that I don’t like people taking my words out of context to sneer at. Fairly normal response, I think

11. interuption by @MikeTonge > @daraobriain @smileoftdecade Block each other or get a room.

12. me to @MikeTonge @daraobriain (hope) this is just discussion on nature of twitter – I don’t sense hostility – except perhaps from you..?
(at this point I do what anyone can do, as long as its not blocked – and check out someone else’s profile> timeline, Dara Obriain’s)

13. @daraobriana> @smileoftdecade I was self-deprecating about something that happened 2 seconds earlier, and you sent it off to be sneered at, out of context

14. (having now checked DB’s timeline), me to @daraobriain @liencam and when people are rude (douche) – they can get ruder once they’ve sent the tweet to the wrong person…

15. @daraobriain> @smileoftdecade Ah, it’s twitter fault. Or Humblebrag’s. Just not yours for sending something off to be sneered at. Good for you!

16. @daraobriain> @smileoftdecade Listen, I get caught out doing the sneer all the time. At least man up about it.

17. me to @daraobriain “man up” “Listen” “sneer”, “douche”, these are not my words – what I see in the mirror is not a problem here…

18. @daraobriain> @smileoftdecade Well, you did the sneery RT, you got called on it, now you’re acting like it wasn’t you. A bit craven, but… Whatever…

19. me to @daraobriain RT a tweet to humblebrag was “a bit craven”? wow, “man up” about it? did you miss the “sorry” 1st reply then? #notselfdeprecating

and there the conversation ended… because he blocked me. Obviously I represent a major threat to something not unconnected to ego and the right to be loudly self deprecating. Shame in some ways, I quite like his humour.
I would still send his Tweet to @humblebrag though, because I have a pet hate about the self promotion of the already famous on twitter, the whole site is full of it, if you want to seek it out. I much prefer the subtle and brilliant humour of those who have discovered the joy of the 140 character joke, the puns, the hashtag games – but don’t see themselves as a professional ego to be boosted,
if you want to know who these wonder-folk are – look for @mooseallain, @pundamentalism, @sixthformpoet, @jacques_aih, @_L_M_C_, @ohlookbirdies, @NickMotown, @stephencgrant & across the pond @meganamram, @kellyoxford, @bazecraze, @uncledynamite and @badbanana These folk are creating a funny world that can get you laughing when more established comics are too busy pimping their latest gig or book to bother trying to actually be funny.

The best exception when it comes to fame and not just pushing the gigs is the great tweeter @robdelaney – (It’s his speedo-clad twitter icon at the top of this piece) – whose rude, sarcastic and prolific twitter humour will often confuse the small minded, whilst producing smiles at least, loud roars at best, from the cognoscenti. What is more, his serious articles demonstrate the kind of intelligence that makes me want to forgive America for dropping the Tea party on an innocent world.

All in all, Twitter is great, and the great people on it are very rarely the famous.

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