One year of #MeToo BooHoo

A year of women claiming solidarity in victimhood? or a year in which agency, responsibility and honesty made a welcome come back?

The story of #MeToo and “Time’sUp” is not a story of oppressed women, rising up against a tide of oppression and achieving some kind of equal status – those stories would need to come from Italy, Yemen, Iran or Israel, where oppression of poor BME women is a serious issue … not the UK, America, Australia or Canada where it is not – no, it is a story of a protracted claim for sacred status, the reverse of equality.

optimism about learning how to use an apostrophe?

A spoiler – This is not about agency, honesty… not of women claiming or making strides towards, responsibility for their own actions… the story is one of dishonesty and denial of responsibility. Emma Watson may have some genuine concerns for victims of sexual assault in the USA, but the leaders of this movement are a bunch of celebrities, all well aware of the power they wield and how, as Joan Rivers once put it, “All you need is a pretty face and a trick pelvis and you’re home free”.

Emma was so disgusted by Weinstein she got herself a bad tattoo.

So far so predictable.
We saw the media coverage – and of course all agreed that Weinstein was an ugly powerful man who abused his position of power in the film business to abuse relatively powerless pretty actors… Adult female actors who had no chance to resist his clever tricks that forced them into positions where he could rape them…
But he didn’t do this with Emma Watson – no it was another leader of the MeToo group – a woman called Asia Argento.
(Best not to mention Rose McGowan’s own accusations against Weinstein, her credibility is shot to smithereens)

Asia Argento with her then friend, Rose McGowan: leaders of the MeToo movement.
Asia explains her “rape” to the press

For context, Argento is an already established actress and daughter of a famous film director, trying to climb further up the fame ladder in Hollywood, who went to the room of renowned old lecher and film producer, Harvey Weinstein, and was “orally raped”.
You read that right – the law of rape in the USA must have been especially changed to allow this variation in which a tongue is mightier than the sword. And of course, faking groans of pleasure is a well known method of making a man who is performing such a sex act, stop. Absolutely – that would work on all known men.

Then she went on to have a 5 year relationship with him…
Yes, after she was supposedly “raped”,
that is what happened, honestly, – she says so. And all this before she dated another 60+ year old (relevance later) Anthony Bourdain, RIP.

Anthony Bourdain with girlfriend Asia Argento – having helped to promote her MeToo campaigning he killed himself shortly after she was unfaithful to him and lied about it.
Photo by Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock (9048821w) 09 Sep 2017
Liars just cannot control what happens when their lies start to get revealed.

What does the average reader garner from the various goings on?

That Weinstein might not be guilty of any crimes? the media have certainly not been pushing this line, but of course he has only been charged – not found guilty of anything.
It seems to me that several of those who loudly denounced him are going to have a hard job proving anything other than the fact that they are liars.

Then we have a well loved chef and TV personality who killed himself after falling victim to the manipulative charms of #MeToo’s Asia Argento…
What I know is that was a sad loss of a great personality but, rather than expressing sadness, Asia is much busier fighting charges that she raped an under age boy actor, a young man cast as her son in a movie while he was a 9 year old and with whom she had remained friends since. Clearly age is not an issue for Asia when it comes to lovers, from 17 year olds to 64 year olds, “she has an amazing range”. The young actor’s “MeToo” protests as an adolescent victim don’t appear to have carried much weight when it comes to the public attitude to changing the law to bring about more prosecutions of women…Is it that men just cannot be allowed to be the passive victims of a sexually predatory female?

All the evidence shows that far from Asia Argento being a victim – she is a perpetrator, a predator, a creator of victims, an abusive manipulator, with sociopathic ability to disregard those whom she harms under the guise of a loving or caring role…
A year on from becoming one of the celebrity leaders of the MeToo movement we can easily reinterpret the power behind it as being all about oppression – but not of Hollywood actresses. This is oppression of the freedom of women to be honest actors with agency… Everyone is supposed to play along and agree with an agenda that is utterly destructive to those of any and no gender.

Emma Watson, Britain’s whiter than white post Harry Potter pin up, is proud to be a part of this, as the BBC reports today:-

…the British star said she has been “so inspired” by the achievements of Time’s Up.

More than 300 actresses, writers and directors launched the project last January in the wake of allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein.  Its fund provides legal help to US women targeted in the workplace.

“Gender equality can only become a reality if we harness the transformative power of solidarity across professions and across borders.
“There’s still a long way to go, but the achievements so far make me optimistic for a fairer future. 2018 was just the beginning.”

The achievements?
…as in, the massive increase to 53,977 accusations of rape made to the police, when Feminist organisations such as Women’s Aid and Rape Crisis all agree on the extrapolations of the UK Crime survey that suggest 15% of 85,000 women actually reported their actual rapes to the police…?
(12,000 to 16,000 at the outside, a woman oriented survey finding that has changed very little over the past 20 years)

Rape prosecutions?
conviction rates?

in proportion to the allegations reported, they are massively down, despite the best, most effective cheating efforts of the police. The political agenda used by, CPS head, Alison Saunders to destroy the very principles of justice, has been a failure in every possible way.
She has retired early in disgrace, hiding evidence to achieve prosecutions has been shown to be endemic, CPS failures in the midst of Legal Aid and other failings have led to many more failures than “successes”…
Thanks to brave people prepared to face the limelight like Liam Allan, juries are no longer as easily fooled, as the CPS are, by biased police files that omit key evidence.

Meanwhile the innocent victims of these lies and massive injustices fight their cases and campaign for change – many now no longer choosing to hide away from the witch-hunters and professional fake rape industry, sometimes known as The Baker Conspiracy.

A year of ME,ME,ME,ME-Too?
Whatever else it has achieved it is nothing to do with equality, everything to do with corruption of the justice system amid ghastly gender division. Actual Rape figures are not positively affected at all – and one can only imagine that those likely to be involved, from potential aggressor or victim positions, are not being helped to prevent this happening by any of the Time’s Up farce playing out in the public eye.

Happy new year to you,
and may you escape the biased #MeToo #TimesUp #FalseFeminist agenda catching you in the false allegations net.

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