Women who are actually trying to exterminate men

Only a twisted world could allow such foul entities the freedoms this one still enjoys.

For those unaware of this person, what she has done, or what is currently going on, this is Beatrix, (Bea) Campbell,
and, with her co-conspirators, she is responsible for more wrecked lives and innocents’ deaths than 99% of armed forces generals on the planet.

Jay and his mum, Karen, Cheshire RIP Witch hunt victims

After the Ronaldsay Satanic child abuse scandal was blown apart, and then officially condemned by a very expensive enquiry, you might have thought that those involved in heavily promoting these 16th Century witch-hunting fantasies would have skulked away and kept quiet for the remainder of their sad lives.

But no, just like those much mocked cults where leaders promise escape to the stars in a special space ship hidden in the tail of a comet, (as long as members all commit suicide on a certain end of the world day) – these dangerous haters of humanity went on to double down on the whole fantasy of satanic abuse – whilst miraculously retaining academic respectability in the United Kingdom.

How is that even possible?
How did she go on to be asked to be on child abuse review panels, make two more highly “influential” and totally wrong reports on supposed child abusers – ruining innocent families lives and being publicly condemned when judges awarded damages against her reviewing team?

Not only did she survive this triple disgrace without any state prosecution or civil case ruination, (her employing council paid out the damages) it was only a matter of 15 years later she was accepting an OBE for services to equality

So what empowers this monster? – how does she continue to be some kind of establishment voice despite her well documented heinous crimes against humanity? – the answer, I am sorry to say, lies in the way that 1970s style noble feminist ideas about equality and fairness have been replaced since Y2K with embedded myths about collective male guilt and female moral superiority. And the most effective weapon deployed by these modern day witch-hunters is accusations of sexual abuse.

So much so that when the pioneering feminists, like Germaine Greer and Janet Radcliffe Richards, try and reclaim some degree of sanity in a desire for human equality – the misandry of the new #metoo orthodoxy spits venom at them and decries them for not being feminist enough…

The establishment, featuring as a typical example, Mr Keir Starmer, an erstwhile respectable lawyer and politician, seeks to appease the industry of sex abuse allegations by promising “action to prevent rape” and “action against child sexual abuse”
– easy slogans for guaranteed appeal to pitchfork mobs everywhere.

If you want to prevent rapes, Mr Starmer et al, the only way is via proper relationship education of young boys, including the joyous true benefits of masturbation, as opposed to their current conditioning:- to be ignorant, guilt ridden, frustrated, culturally religious wankers.

Mr Starmer was of course, only partly responsible for this anti-justice farce, his successor as Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, another leading dark-light, and the whole blinkered mess of Feemenists* (men & women who see backing Feminism as their ticket to success) were/are all complicit.
The notion that testimony of a rape complainant should be enough for a jury to convict, in the absence of any corroborating evidence whatsoever, has thus been enshrined in English & Welsh law.

The added Feminist-urged politicised notion that followed, of needing to “increase convictions” is a disastrous one. Convictions should of course always reflect proper investigations and prosecutions. Starmer, Saunders and the Feemenists thus set the ambitious detectives running after more convictions with the instructions to, “believe the victim”, when it came to rape/sexual assault accusations. The police took it to mean – don’t bother to investigate properly, we can now go straight to charging on the strength of this believed accuser’s story…

Furthermore, if you start by calling the complainant “victim” and the accused person, “perpetrator”, you have already decided guilt before any investigation starts. A judge’s report highlighting how these failures created the monstrous failure of Operation Midland has been almost totally ignored by Police and CPS.

The police have been doing more than just start with believing – they also use that enshrined ruination of the law to “fail to disclose” – and avoid all proper investigation. In many cases evidence that fell, or was pushed, into their laps that exonerated the suspect – has mysteriously fallen out of their laps, unexamined. Their culture of conspiracy and hiding inconvenient evidence to gain convictions is nationwide and by this trick there is nothing to put in any “unused evidence” file sent to the CPS. This is not exclusive to Rape/Sexual assault cases, but they have been a priority due to the brownie points & £-rewards that come with the upping of these particular cases.

This brief for perverting justice did not spring from nowhere – the feemenist sex crime and domestic violence industry had been campaigning for just such a move well before the Savile scandal gave them the ammunition they sought. But no matter what the police did wrong in dismissing genuine victims of rape back in the last century, you can only make things worse by trying to punish innocent men for those historic sexist police errors now.

People like Bea Campbell OBE have been confidently quoting fantasy figures about the men who might suffer from false allegations of rape for decades now, saying things like,
“These are incredibly rare”,
“less than 2%”,
and “frankly it doesn’t matter if a few men’s lives are upset – think of all those rape victims!”

Karen and Jay Cheshire (pictured above) aren’t upset, they are dead… Because of this witch-hunt.

so many men’s lives wrecked and family lives shattered

So when I am badgered by friends saying,
“But Patrick, you are a feminist at heart, you used to work supporting rape victims, you can’t dismiss rape victims this way!”
– I have to draw a deep breath, and reply,
“I still support rape victims – I’m in love with one and know many more, and my heart goes out to them as kindred sufferers, but, I cannot be associated with Feminism in this millennium – it has become a man-hating lie”.

Let’s remember, (or for most people, discover to their amazement), the key facts:- 17% of rape victims will go to the police – this figure is the highest it has ever been but the (most reliable survey) CSEW says is little different over the past 30 years.

There is some dispute over the number of UK women raped each year – but the top – highest estimate is 85,000… so, simple maths, that is a maximum of 14,450 genuine rape victims who went to the police, last reported year.
Now check out the government statistics.
The anomaly first became obvious in 2014, now it has grown to an astronomical number of obvious liars.

What these government statistics say
even allowing reasonable adjustments to those shouting, “but historic cases”, “Police don’t count this group, or that group”
is that somewhere between 50% and 80% of rape complaints made to the police in the year to April 2018 – were lies.

The facts that back this up are being perversely interpreted by a brainwashed society, as can be seen in this disgracefully biased Guardian piece. It shows that we have actually had a fall in the number of convictions and a fall in the number of cases going to charge – despite the massive rise in complaints and police still trying so hard to “believe the victim”.
Campaigners” are upset –
the police must be wrongly letting rapists go!

The Feemenist journalists show no consideration for the, statistically backed, harsh reality that over 30,000 women going to the police are not victims, but liars, trying to cash in on the legalised tricks that allow them to abuse men and abuse the system so badly.

Non disclosure scandals, Alison Saunders being caught lying, and brave men coming forward despite having their lives wrecked, have started to change the public and CPS perception (a bit). For so long the system has been screwed by women like Bea Campbell, Julie Bindell, and the entire “Women’s justice” government funded groups existence, that hardly anyone is noticing the reality, or keeping up with the changing picture.

It’s a lonely Cassandra-like position, calling this out, but I have been pushed here by the reality of being falsely accused and the discovery of the hidden tens of thousands of fellow victims.
There are some other Cassandras, like @SAFFtweets
see related docs here:
who have exposed the painful reality that our world is not as sane as it may seem…

What is your excuse for failing to make people like Jay and Karen Cheshire, properly noticed casualties of these murderous witch-hunt promoters?

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