What the daily reprise of “ANTISEMITE!” shouts really mean.

I am not a “Corbynista”, not a “Corbynite”, nor a “Cult of Corbyn” member nor even a Corbyn fan,
as a member of the Green party I might be better described as a “Lucasista” – but of course there are very few attacks on that prominent MP in the media, mainly because, at the moment, she presents no threat to them.

a tiny sample – plus an intriguing counterpoint.

Are you, like me, sceptical of Corbyn’s leadership skills? – his inability to sort out internal squabbling and all levels of party politics? or, also like me, a bit sick of the daily “Corbyn is an anti-Semite” stories being regurgitated in the media? and wondering what sort of journalists keep making these repeat statements…
– as if they were unaware of being manipulated into a context-free piece of prejudice by their owner-created fears of what Corbyn’s Labour might do..?

Because let’s face it – the Tory party record on race hate, including anti-Semitism and all other forms of prejudice, is appalling and worthy of probably quadruple the amount of coverage that the Labour party’s sad but average anti-Semitic problems (real but minor) actually deserve.

It is of interest that the papers never went down the “Ed Milliband is an anti-Semite friend of terrorists!” line back in 2015 – well one sort of did
Of course, Ed comes from a Jewish family, and while the press delighted in showing him mangling a bacon sandwich, why was that the limit of their accusations? The party was fundamentally the same huge organisation then as now, it would be insane to say that the reason Corbyn was swiftly attacked as an anti-Semite was because suddenly the party was full of them like never before…

It seems they didn’t find him a threat.
He was, contrary to the hopes of those who voted for him as party leader above his own brother, a friend of the establishment. He met with Benjamin Netanyahu, cried some tears over Gaza, but defended the status quo and tried to keep on board with all warring factions within his party by remaining basically still a neo-liberal – albeit with a modernising left of centrist agenda… His “block of stone” election pledges would have kept a winter lamb warm they were so woolly.
and yet C4, so often seen as a leftie arm of the established media, did feature his election failure in a way that few have featured similar financial issues as now being put to the CPS by the Police (don’t expect any action on Vote Leave illegality whilst Johnson is still PM.)

By contrast – Corbyn represents a real threat.
The media barons, those with offshore wealth plans, and those lowly sheeple blinded by “commie menace” messages worthy of Dr. Strangelove characters, find him terrifying.
They find it hard to catch him out on the topic of the NHS – all the media footage shows him being welcomed by medical staff – whereas Johnson is virtually booed out of the places by doctors, and no matter how hard the Tories/Neoliberals shout about “the NHS not being for sale”, people have already seen the piecemeal sell off (that Blair also encouraged) that means Branson’s Virgin, BUPA and many other companies are now profiting from NHS funds.
They find it hard to attack him on the issue of Rail nationalisation – because everyone wants it, ditto national infrastructure, like water –
The whole threat of a return to disastrously wasteful nationalisation that was the great bogie man used by Thatcherites seems to have drained away, as we have discovered that private business tends not to be the lovely answer to those human failures after all. (the problems with nationalised industries were always more to do with unions of that time, poor political leadership and bad internal organisation IMO).

So many attacks that they would like to use are undercut by the public knowledge of the Right/Tories bad behaviour and very effective ripping off of the nation’s wealth.
The problem for the very wealthy is that, it’s not just rail, his policies generally are well liked, even among economists and many natural Tory voters
as long as they are not associated with him as leader.
So why is it that he is widely seen as this bogeyman?
(A. see every paper’s coverage since 2015)

For the very wealthy, what he threatens is to prevent them from carrying on making bucket-loads of superfluous cash, mostly squirrelled away off shore – and much of it effectively “defrauded by legal means” from the UK tax pot.
This is also one of the reasons why they hate the EU and have been lobbying against it for decades.
So their answer to these headaches is:
Smear Corbyn as an anti-Semite – all made easy by his visible support for Palestinian rights and the need to uphold UN resolutions about Israel’s theft of Palestinian lands –
OH – did I say “UN resolutions on Israeli land theft” – Yes?- I must be an antisemite. There is no more effective weapon it seems – as those orthodox Jews in New York (pictured top right) have found – supporting Palestine’s right to settled legal borders means that the Israeli lobby will happily spit in your eye, even when you are behatted defenders of the Torah…

As a weapon it can unite the establishment against your chosen target, in this case, Jeremy Corbyn – but whoever else looks likely to get enough backing and dares to challenge the hegemony of wealthy power-brokers. The Tories are guaranteed to be free of such daily media attack – just as they are guaranteed to never attack the rights of the wealthy to make the rules that allow them to profit from everyone else’s money.

I am not sure I would be happy with a Corbyn government by Christmas.
But I would be delighted if his Labour had more seats and/or wielded more power than the Tories, in a hung parliament. With 40 or so Lib Dems, 50 SNP and 5 Greens holding the balance of power. Let Prime Minister Corbyn test his skills at handling a hostile media and have sway for a while.
Force Johnson into that promised ditch – and then bring about genuine Proportional Representation so that we get off this infernal bi-partisan model that has the nation at loggerheads with itself and a century behind the advanced nations of Europe.

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