Hack v Journalist

Just an idle wondering really – who is the Sun’s correspondent in Syria?

I’ve enjoyed watching the Leveson inquiry slowly and methodically reveal ever more of the gross moral turpitude of a large number,(not a minority) of Tabloid hacks. And the “culture” (like bacteria), of corruption and disgrace, which was known about, nay positively encouraged, by Andy Coulson and Rebekkah Brooks/Wade.
I now want to see these hacks volunteer to go into Homs and recover the body of a journalist. This journalist was not a hack. This journalist was an honorable human being, someone who covered the news of murders and massacres, who wrote about power and politics in the harsh real world.
And in the future whenever someone starts to scream about the essential freedom of the fourth estate, press being such a power for good – let them differentiate between Tabloid hacks and journalists. If any of the slithering Tabloid worms that have paraded in front of the inquiry want to call themselves journalists, then let them take the place of those brave volunteer activists, risking their lives to get their wounded colleagues out of that besieged place. But you have to aspire to being a journalist to use that word “colleague”.
Otherwise – accept that you are a sad hack, and shut, your, mouth, forever, about claiming journalist’s freedom.

If we lose the Sun, the People, the Star, Mail and Express, would we really be losing the best checks on our own government?
Wasn’t it the Telegraph that exposed the MPs expenses scandal while the others were concentrating on Katie Price’s under-arm sweat patches?
Wasn’t it The Guardian that pushed the truth about corrupt police and tabloid editors and hacks while all tabloids mocked, all the time knowing how their colleagues hacked phones and bribed police officers for stories as a matter of habit?

The pieces written by Jack Kavanagh and other Tabloid pretenders to the title of journalist have been shown them to be less fit to belong to that rank of freedom preservers than many of the bloggers that they despise. They frequently attack bloggers – and yes there are all sorts, but quality is not the issue here… they despise the blogosphere for getting away with saying things that they feel they cannot.
But they are not using their time on the great scoops that they pretend they are so good at, are they? – no blogger is destroying the print media by making comments on a politician or a TV celebrity… this “battle” isn’t the real competition the Hacks are fighting. Hacks are much more annoyed at bloggers for doing their jobs, just as well as they have been doing, without an expense account.

So bring on the harshest Leveson result possible – a system of enforcement that effectively enables the broadsheet press journalists to keep their freedom, and prevents the Tabloids from publishing their unadulterated (as in not written or read by true adults) shit. I couldn’t be happier to see those people and their products collectively disposed of as a waste of oxygen.

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