Rape raises its comic head once again

From Twitter: ( a Ricky Gervais Retweet )
“@bob_willis1: @rickygervais best response was to your ludicrous ‘gay rapist with aids arse donor’ scenario. ‘We should have joined Bupa!’”

that surely had the world laughing?

@BBCradio4 PM programme also raised the issue of rape being devalued as a word and abused as a concept by the way some idiots are trying to use it cheaply as a metaphor.

I say again – the word is not the only problem, nor the way it is used – but it should be.
because the legal concept upon which it is based is in itself offensive…
from the archive

perhaps if we destroy the horrific meaning of the word we can then change the senseless and abusively rapist-aiding law.

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