Which types of wankers do we really need?

The current case of men found guilty of trafficking and raping young vulnerable girls/women should, and does, cause widespread revulsion and concern.
Some of the reaction has been racist, due to the fact that the offenders are all Asian, from Muslim cultural backgrounds. A rarer reaction from one or two Muslims has included comments such as, “they are asking for it”.

This latter comment touches on a very serious concern that crosses most cultural boundaries but which is particularly horrifically embedded in the Muslim cultural approach to women. The Burka, the Islamic states that whip women for showing an ankle, the many countries where, out of “cultural respect”, western women have to cover their heads and limbs no matter what the temperature, the whole notion of women having to be modest that is most definitely in the Qu’ran…
All these things speak of a culture where it runs deep and is even often expressed,
that men cannot control their sexual urges.

It is significant that the less advanced the culture the more dominant this view seems to be, and the more deeply embedded in rules and customs are the restrictions on women’s rights. There is always a religious drapery placed around it and this is wrong. Although no Imam or priest wishes to state openly that they too suffer from these uncontrollable violent lusts, these same priests do however preach about the “sin” of masturbation. The best viewing on this is supplied by Sam Harris – objective morality this realisation actively requires us to change this reality…

It’s time to confess,
I am a wanker.
I’ve been a wanker since I was about 11 years old – and what’s more Portnoy’s complaint was not a complaint as far as I, nor any other boys at my school were concerned. We talked about it openly, exchanged soft porn and books, did it not very secretly, and we knew, yes flat out knew, that it was an entirely harmless activity that did one thing very well…
It meant we wouldn’t get embarrassed about having a stiffy on the bus or playing field, nor damp then crispy sheets on our beds.
This was a co-educational, part boarding, part day, school with a fairly enlightened approach to social life and very high academic standards. I imagine that half of those wankers are now running major government departments or businesses that straddle the globe. I imagine that all of them have a fairly healthy modern western approach to the equal status of women and are better balanced sexually than the typical Public School types who like the rubber and humiliation of Ms Whiplash.

Even those wankers however, are probably not as dangerous and downright dumb as to believe that a woman appearing to show some leg means that their libido is suddenly a legitimately uncontrollable force. That privilege belongs to the people who were told never to masturbate, were told that it was a sin and that women must be guarded and their temptress ways locked away from sight.
So the solution to a huge number of the world’s problems is clearly that we need all these men to be taught to masturbate from an early age… WE NEED MORE WANKING. Boys should be told that this will relieve them of the physical urges and enable them to be decent sociable human beings who can relate well to women as equals. (who should also be taught to wank, but for other reasons)

Having said that however, I will gladly admit to just seeing this Fashionista in the G2 newspaper today, and agreeing with my wife that he looks a complete tosser. There are wankers who interpret the word to mean someone who masturbates due to inadequacy in ability to find a sexual partner, and this is just wrong, masturbation continues throughout the lives of every sane man (and most women) before during and after a happy sexual relationship. I am sure that Marc Jacobs and his partner are sexually very active, never rape women or “pass them around for sex” (what a disgusting phrase), and I am happy for them in their freedom to be gay lovers adored by a section of the public who see Emperor’s new clothes as wonderful…
but he dresses like a complete tosser.

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