The Daily Mendacity – cornered & spitting.

Rebekah Brooks after the fallNot so long ago, just as the News of the Hellhole was closing down under the weight of scorn it had deservedly received, Rebekah Brooks told her staff that there was an awful lot more to emerge from the enquiry into phone hacking…that they hadn’t seen anything yet.

At the time it seemed she might be still trying to give the impression that it was not her fault, that the other tabloids would soon have their turn in the searing sun (ouch).
She had also made a public statement to the effect that the notion she knew about the rampant phone hacking, that was endemic in the newspaper she edited, was “inconceivable”. Now, finally, the Leveson report has the mountain of evidence revealing just how utterly despicable the entire tabloid hack world has been, (something we kind of knew but just tolerated like a series of war-crimes in a far away country), we have the most wonderful irony, the unspeakable gall, of the Daily Wail accusing those making the testimonies of being “mendacious”.

My dear Mr Dacre, and all the cnuts who you employ, I do not think that word means what you think it means.
I give you the dictionary definition:
Mendacious, /menˈdāSHəs/ (adj) deliberately making false statements, especially repeatedly.
Usage example:- “The Daily Mail wrote something about some people again”

big cuntThere is a great irony in the Amanda Platels and Melanie Phillips of this world using the longest words that arrived to them via an expensive education, to be as pathetic and sad in their delusions of adequacy as the Sun and NoW hacks who graduated from the school of the Redtop Lion.
Of course, we expect these tabloids to try and appeal to the mass of their readership, who love the lies and tittle tattle they tell, to hook their basest instincts to support their strategic and mendacious (yes) attacks on those revealing their own mendacity. And, we would of course have expected them to fight harder now they are cornered.

It is getting to the time now though, when we need some killer evidence to do its job, to administer an earth shaking coup de gras – and take a “trusty sword of justice”… “to this bent and twisted journalism”…
Oh the irony hurts,
…because the politician that attacked the Guardian (the only paper to risk attacking another this way) with those words, back in 1995, only to be jailed for perjury, has this very year had his words published in the Daily Mendacity on the issue of super injunctions. He sounds like the heroin addict who has found Jesus in prison…except those type of crooks never get published in the tabloids after their disgrace of being criminally poor.

Whereas Dacre and co sound like nice Doctor Harold Shipman – caught, still in total denial, and blaming it all on someone else. And you can read all the defensive lies on this in, “The Daily Mendacity”

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