Social Networking triumph? or just a Tabloid disease?

The latest Twitter uproar is over a 9 year old blogging on her school dinners for an English project (and raising money for Charidee) and being banned from doing so by the Council.
The storifed version…

the weighing in on this matter was on several levels as one might expect. @DavidAllenGreen, being a legal beagle, expressed caution over some of the massed assumptions as to motive and legal position. He was like the Guardian, faced with a media uproar over some moral crusade started by a Tabloid.

Most other commentators were following up with varying degrees of sarcasm about not just this council but all councils, much of it just good light-hearted fun, but some with vehement certainty of #argyll&bute being some ogre bordering on fascist…
Then it reached “The World at One” on Radio 4 and the CEO of the Council announcing that he had ordered the reversal of the ban. Much rejoicing all round – as in:
‏@GeorgeMonbiot > “Ah! Just been told that #argyll&bute have backed down. Good. A victory for social networking.”

It was Twitter wot won it!

but is this good news for social networking and fans of Twitter? or does it make us look like a free for all version of the Tabloids with their moral panics and story arcs?

I’m not so sure that the truth reached the eyes and ears of even a majority of those watching their twitter feeds, many were slower to react to the World at One interview with the CEO, and still feeling as though this was all a good bit of ridicule of a council behaving badly…

Some of the more subtle points are in that storify link – have you gone there?
and if tabloids only ever give a self serving and distorted version of the reality, are social networks ever likely to be better at balancing the stories that take off like this? I suspect not.
And yet,
I believe it is still better to have Twitter splashing its mishmash of truth and distortions everywhere than have Murdoch and Dacre sew up public opinion with versions that are biased and power serving lies. This is what we face continuing in that dying media world, pending Leveson actually finding some balls and making regulation something that serves the public interest and not that of the media barons.
Robin Hood Airport may need blowing up in more metaphorical ways than I can imagine.

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