Right and wrong responses to big news murder events.

As per usual, when a meaningless statistic, from now on best known as “Jerk-off number 58”, seeks to cure their feelings of inadequacy with a terminal shooting spree, the media stumble blindly into feeding the morbid fascination they suppose is publicly universal. They are wrong.
So let us spell it out in…

An idiot’s guide to shooter disasters:-
(and an editors guide – ed)

Firstly No media naming of perpetrator
Charlie Brooker nails the media angle. It is obvious really, this media behaviour is a prime encourager for jerk-off 59.

Secondly Rally round the community
..including the parents of the shooter, Norway shows the way on this.

Thirdly Easy access to guns and ammunition is not a fucking universal right
…when the free and brave are actually jerk-offs with mental health problems and/or huge feelings of inadequacy Canadian gun laws beat US gun laws hands down.

Fourthly No blaming a movie/video game
Spree killers were around before these censorship obsessed folk had anything to censor. See Peter Bradshaw’s take on this angle

This includes the murders of famous people, such as John Lennon, done for similar perverse motives.
Yes, as a developing society, we need to do this learning in that order I think.

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