“These are not the prophets you are looking for…”

For many centuries, religions around the world commanded respect.
I choose this word “commanded” carefully. It was not earned, – they demanded respect, with menaces, from a position of ritualised authority and not from any humanitarian motive. Thousands died as a direct result.

On social networks and forums today we see the power of an insanely silly, badly made, tasteless and unrealistic video film (Muhammed has perfect teeth for Christ’s sake) – The riots that this film has caused (via ritual *Islamic whispers*) have led to murders, real deaths, most recently in Pakistan, where some people clearly feel strongly enough about a silly video, they have not even seen, to die defending their right to be insulted.

In a response to this insanity, comedian, Doug Stanhope posted a variant on the “Let’s draw Muhammed day” (an event I took part in when it first was mooted after similar deaths caused by this insane taking of offence) – Doug posted:-

This is an intriguing take on the nature of the modern Muslim use and abuse of Facebook, a tool I have only reluctantly returned to using in order to keep in touch with members of the family who prefer its Machappy meal nature to the smoked salmon canapés of twitter…
The implication of Doug’s politically astute request was that, if we are all into the modern media: Let us show our disgust at the murder of innocents over an insane interpretation of “free speech versus religious rules from the first millennium of the common era”, NOT via making images of Muhammed, but by putting out the idea of all people as being the prophet, on Facebook. This is actually quite a religious idea, “what you do to others you are doing to me”.

He ReTweeted 2 responses to this (read bottom up):-

This fascinated me…
I think the mainstream media encourages an impression of Mad Mullahs and tribal fundamentalists as people who set out from their desert lands to try to assassinate Salman Rushdie or kill a few missionaries trying to bring food and education to their desperate lands. But one look at this Abdullah’s timeline and you can see he is a Man Utd fan,(#GlazersOUT in his screen name?) He is at home using the language of the abusers of the terraces, clearly not tending sheep on the barren hills of Afghanistan.

It is also a fine example of barking mad mullahdom gone modern English Muslim…
to asterisk out “Fuck” – and then in the next tweet openly say, “you fucking cunt, our prophet, Muhammed…” seems just a tad brain dead.
Is this man religious?
Do you believe he studies the Qu’ran and imbibes the message of compassion in several of its verses, plus parts of the Hadith, that say a Muslim should not use abusive language against another human?
…of course not.
The question then occurs, how many of the young British Muslims happily calling the referee a cunt and the Glazers “spawn of the devil” (not the red devil though) actually have any clue about the nature of the contradiction they represent when they shout abuse in the name of their religion?

These people must be actually quite numerous – indeed I had a couple become similarly abusive and death-threatening when I posted a drawing (I called Muhammed) picturing a bearded man in a turban, reading Dawkins’ “The God Delusion” in a little known spot on this blog. It insulted nobody, but some nobodies took offence. They must search for it.

Many reasonable Western folk hold that this group of absolute fanatics is a tiny faction, and that the majority of Muslims are peaceful and sensible, having nothing to do with this abusive or violent tendency. The trouble is that the violent tendency is actively encouraged by the continuing belief in the dogma of “blasphemous insultability”.
I posted a quote from my father (a CofE priest) on Twitter, “There is no such thing as giving offence, only taking it”. I believe this to be true – as long as one is referring to those things that stop short of intentionally inciting violence.
To maintain a creed that somehow means that anyone remotely seen as insulting a long dead figurehead prophet can be legitimately attacked, is the fault of all the keepers of that religion.

The entropy they create is that of all those who constantly pound away at the 5 times a day subjugation ritual (or “prayers”) without thinking of the problems of the brainlessness that it preserves.

A response to my tweet included this from a regular Twitter poster, Mohammed Ansar, a so-called Muslim academic:

The facts I see are fairly clear – It is not just the Ayatollahs with their national sanctioned murder for novel writing, nor the sad US flag burners, murdering well meaning ambassadors, it is endemic in the paranoid fears and rigidity of religion. The rigidity that means freedom lovers must somehow fear for their lives, even amid the civilised western world they have created, from over sensitive and incredibly unintelligent primitives.
It therefore seems entirely necessary to flood the world with freedom so as to prevent this insidious corruption and inhibition of our rational free society.

And lest anyone think I am just referring to Islam – The Chief Rabbi, the Archbishops of Canterbury and New York, and the Pope, ALL united in blaming Salman Rushdie for bringing troubles on his head by insulting “religion”, none of them disowning the ghastly religious murderers that they sat alongside, in joint pursuit of blind faith…

May their God go with them…
to the worms.

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