Is Kay Burley the devil? or just spawn of many devils?

Some are picking on her as if she was an aberration. It may well be that Kay Burley is a particularly bad example of the hack as vulture, “Your children have all just been murdered by the person you used to love – how do you feel?”,
but the reality is that there are not only plenty of these vultures around, but that they are deliberately bred and coached by the Kelvin MacKenzie class of tabloid editorship – some of which is present in TV news as much as in the tabloids.

Kay’s sensitive side knows no bounds…

On a smaller scale I can remember being asked, as a sound recordist to push through the scrum of other camera crews to film someone who had just crashed their motorbike at 90mph in front of a motoGP grandstand.
This voyeurism is a common hazard of the media – its only when it steps over into vulture-like behaviour that the public draw back and say “Eeewww!”

The other day when radio 4 replayed, every hour, Mrs Jones tearfully appealing for the return of her missing daughter, it was to a soundtrack of cameras that rose and fell like a wave as she stumbled through her tears… sick enough, but why in the modern era do they even make a noise? – all those Nikon and Canon Digital cameras can be switched to silent mode – the shutter noise is put there, as a default but optional setting, to let amateur nostalgics know they have pressed the shutter button.

Some (and presumably only those who have not been following the Leveson enquiry) have already sprung to the defence of Kay Burley on the basis that she made the assumption that these local people had been following Sky’s breaking news… to me that adds arrogance as well as criminal insensitivity to the charge sheet, but we should all realise that she has been conditioned to behave that way, and there are many of the Mackenzie vision of shitty-minded emotion-parasitical hacks out there…

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