…and on the Savile furore, LET’S KILL PUDSEY!

Savile – Grrr, yukk, baaaad – all agreed…
No need for me to picture the pervy man – he was always just that,
even my ever-kind mother said as much when he kissed her hand at a fete opening ceremony in Harpenden one year.
No need for me to add condemnation of the “authorities” that tolerated his behaviour or failed to hear voices, (such as that of my friend Carol, with her broken back in Stoke Mandeville.)
No need even to mention that, in that era, sexism was widespread and accepted by so many. This is indeed one of the great achievements of our society in the meantime – we have made sexist bigotry unacceptable in all arenas, to a huge degree.

My concern is that the celebrities who “give” to charity are still in some way untouchable
…as are the charities.
I know it would never get as bad as with Savile since celebrities are now more frequently knocked off their perch for having sweaty armpits these days, so they have to live guarded lives, but…
What does giving to a charity achieve?
– do you look?
and do you see the whole picture?
and why does it need any personality prompting if you want to give anyway?
“It’s all for Charidee”, should have been a clue when Enfield & Whitehouse smarmed their satirical mouths over the phrase 12 years ago. It does not make something worthwhile or above criticism when you do it to raise funds for charity – I would have thought this was obvious, but we are now in the season when the sound of people saying “Children in Need” will grate my ears again – more even than would ten days solid of ITV, with their endlessly repeated adverts.

I give to charity – several carefully checked out charities in fact, and by covenant so they get the tax on top of my donation. I wouldn’t want to stop people doing that, but why does self-publicity continue to be a protected right just because someone disguises it as being all about gaining cash for Children in Need?
We have guidelines now to prevent “Chuggers” from harassing you in the street; we never had guidelines to prevent Jimmy Savile from gaining massive fake credibility by doing all his works for charity.
Hollywood is awash with the rich and famous organising fun events by themselves, for themselves, that raise thousands of dollars for charity. They are so bored, and scared of ageing, they can barely stop themselves doing that long enough to book their next $10,000 cosmetic surgery.

My point is this – if I want to say out loud that Pudsey is shit, and national treasure, Terry Wogan, an example of the worst form of “Charidee” self promotionist, then I do not expect indignant slap-downs anymore.

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