FREEEEDOMMMMM! – the disgrace of “public nuisance”

Prompted by the 6 month sentence imposed on the political swimmer in the Thames who delayed the boat race (h/t @speedkermit for alerting me to that) I return to a disgrace that the Great British Public are being a right nuisance about, or rather they are not being when they should be. In this case it is very much the not great Scottish public in particular who appear to hate freedom in its real form.

The police arrested him, “following complaints from a number of members of the public”. That is all the authorities need, one member of the public to complain. The scenario is always the same in Scotland when it comes to this man of principle, a serial defender of freedom in a determined manner that would be the envy of any real William Wallace, – they seek to clamp down under a silly law and avoid the issue. On seeking to “accompany him out of the area” they ask him to compromise that principle and declare that he is being offensive, merely by appearing naked in a public place…

“There’s nothing about me as a human being that is indecent or alarming or offensive. That’s where I’m coming from, which is deep inside,” Gough said.

He continues: “It’s me, standing up for what I am. [Because] all of us are human beings too and we have children and our children are beautiful and we’re beautiful too, because we’re human beings – all the same. I have nothing to be ashamed about. I’m just a bloke standing up for the truth of what I am.”

What are the establishment worried about?
A mass outbreak of naturism across the land? (remember he has only been treated as a criminal in Scotland)
Are strong punishments for those who cause delays in their favourite pastimes a recipe to encourage the others to be more obedient? (This has all the effectiveness of the clampdowns on protests against the government in Syria).

If it is the illusion of freedom that we are trying to maintain, then these are the testing grounds in the UK where we discover that it is indeed even more of an illusion than we knew. That freedom demands that being our most natural selves is by legal definition, not offensive and punishable by imprisonment, whereas of course double dealing with public money to embezzle us all out of hundreds of thousands of pounds should not be merely a matter of an apology when the abject (2ndhomeflipperGove) immorality crosses the letter of the law …

never forget – you are not free – only the rich, the smug and establishment friendly have that privilege.

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