Super duper special human appointed.

Big News for Milliners and a shrinking defunct ancient sect of superstitious ritual lovers…
They’ve only gone and appointed another one!
a Cantab that is…and this one happens to be exactly my age, which means he should be at least as educated and, like me, not given to making chronocentric and idiotic statements about the nature of our time that do not in any way chime with the history of humanity or the church…

“It is exciting because we are at one of those rare points where the tide of events is turning”

Oh Dear….
one of those “rare points” (In the entire 1800 year history of religious structural upheaval and gradual decline) where the tide is turning.
What you are seeing, Archbishop Welsby, is not the tide turning, tides don’t effect a salt lake. The tidal and sweeping ocean has long ago forgotten about the significance of this shrunken body of water that used to be a part of it.
But still,
let’s look at your optimistic side shall we?

I note that you are an “Evangelist” – something I have some sympathy with in generic terms, I like to sell the idea of empowered communities with something like evangelical zeal, but it is a method of treating people that should not be supported when it comes to the message of insane ritual suspension of critical faculties.

Within the CofE, (that my poor father defended to the death, even when it was so clearly unsuited to his liberal views and desires for a toilet in the village church)…they are applauding his, oil business sector trained, ability to cope with “challenging issues”.
He is radical enough to say that the church should allow women priests to climb their career ladder and become bishops… but openly gay priests apparently come under a special exclusion section of the morality logic. They can be priests, but NOT bishops.
So that all makes sense then.
…because Bishops are like “super special priest humans” whereas priests are just “special humans” (Deans and Archdeacons are like “Super sidekick priest humans”) and gay people, like women, being only just about acceptable as humans, and only recently and reluctantly allowed to be special, must not be allowed to climb onto the super special shelf. Its problematic enough to allow women to get up there…

Cantab, of course, has much bigger problems than the dubious bigotry of the Sunday Hat Torygraph and Daily Wail readers,
he has a “worldwide communion” of people who manage to combine the belief that God is love, and a hater of gay sex, a money lover and magic anti-equality church creator… in fact a million contradictory things.
and his job is to get them to agree that these are all acceptable aspects of cognitive dissonance and can be harnessed to bring the sane world back into the old fashioned delusion club…

as Carl Sagan might say to Mr Welsby, “Good luck with that”

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