Good news about the latest “postal” mass killing

bodiesThe good news is this –
We are actually, worldwide, less likely to die a violent death at the hands of another human than at any time in history.
… and we know how to stop or reduce these “spree killings”…
This truth may only serve to convince you that times gone by were actually horrifically violent (and that is true).
The issue we are focusing on however, much to the chagrin (I doubt most NRA members use that word much) of the gun lobby, is the way that “Guns of mass destruction” have meant that the random killing of shockingly large numbers of random people at the hands of some lone gunman who has “clearly lost their mind” is now much easier than it was in say, 400AD.

A lone gunman?
Hardly – there have been over 30 mass killings SINCE the Columbine massacre just a dozen years ago. These crazy armed bears would not have found it possible to do this in the UK with our strict gun laws, (due to a few trying it) simple fact. But while the gun lobby rant and the anti-gun lobby rant back, the media just lap it all up because its been a long time since burning cats alive has been a form of popular crowd entertainment…

But seriously, media folk (and that includes Twitterati), if you harp on about a (most recent) killing spree 24/7 you will make another one much more likely to happen soon afterwards. (watch the fucking video!)

So, don’t. do. it.
and if you go ahead and do it I can only assume that you are actually quite happy with the idea of a whole new set of mothers having their lives and families destroyed because that will feed your insatiable lust for more vicarious mass murder experiences…
Congratulations on contributing to mass horror.

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