It’s not the news week…again

flanagan gun Some major headlines of crucially poor news for you:

1. Boy with an old face and poisoned mind talks bollocks about guns,*
2. Boy with a brain tumour has invisible Dad,
3. Old lady not dead yet,

You can argue about what constitutes news, as editors do on a daily basis, but the basis on which the media feed you their priorities continues to represent a perverse agenda governed by the editors’ need to believe in, and compete with, each other’s own story arcs. My critique of the above dominant items is as follows:-

1. The boy with the old face is of course “A Weiner Player” or Wayne LaPierre, as the media insist on calling him. Someone heavily in the pay of the armaments industry who has argued that we need to teach babies how to shoot and sell everyone in America weapons of mass destruction.
As news this sits alongside “Donald Trump farts loudly on twitter”, except for the fact that the National Gun Death Association actually has a lot of support among the uneducated penis substitute brigade that find guns to be the only way they can express their human needs. The puzzling thing was that the UK media covered the lecture to the press from this old fart as if he was more interesting than a barking Labrador on Hampstead Heath…

mother_neon2. The boy with the brain tumour is big in the news because the high court has gone against his mother’s wishes to see him have a higher chance of dying quickly.
The real news here though is that, all the time the media were headlining this story, they virtually never mentioned the reason that it went to the court at all.
Namely that the boy had a father as well!
Who would have guessed? and the father agreeing with the evidence based decision of the doctors meant that the woman’s objections could not rule the day as they would have done if he didn’t exist.
Clearly, “Court agrees with father’s wishes, not mother’s” is an unacceptable headline… much better to continue the cultural denial of men’s roles and responsibilities as fathers in favour of the “poor mum” mythology.
(As a divorced/widowed dad, obviously I shit on this story, big time)

thatcher-frail3. Maggie Thatcher not dead at 87
I shit on this story even more…how dare the creature from the black lagoon outlive my father? A growth in her bladder having been removed in a successful operation is not news… her death and televised funeral being organised by compulsory competitive tendering, as should surely be her deepest wish, – that would be news.
(Especially as the Wales branch of the NUM would win with their 1 penny bid to drop her body down a disused mineshaft amidst a massive processional dancing event all along the Heads of the Valleys road.)

In other non news:
Rain goes on raining, Monarch goes on reigning, in sight of politicians who beef up their toadying, and non bitter police, who have fond memories of the Special Patrol Group and the old woman with bladder cancer.

*The picture of Helen Flanagan was taken prior to October 31st and yet the Sun editor called her brainless and managed to get people to comment on how badly she behaved doing this “as the Sandy Brook victims were lying dead on the ground” …on December 14th

and they have the gall to criticise bloggers and Leveson…

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