Sir Hufton Arrogance-Smythe renews war on democratic plebs

trespassers“…Of course its a silly piece of badly framed legislation that no one in the countryside supported and the RSPCA are being ridiculous in pursuing hunts that break the law – when they could use the money to rescue hundreds of cats” –
(in summary), thus spoke Sir Bumley Hufton-Fuckdemocracy Arrogant-Dickhead-SmytheIV, (to give him his full name) on radio 4 this morning.

The BBC allowed him unprecedented access to the coveted ten past eight slot today because its Boxing day –
The day when, traditionally, lovers of hunting gather to charge around on horses pissing off the majority of farmers (who do not count in Cuntryside Alliance research) and trying to hunt down and kill one small furry animal with the equine toff equivalent of 60 assault rifles 20 armoured trucks and a small army.

So much has been argued, and won, in the battle against historic cruel sports, but the bastards have a lot of money (and thus influence) and won’t lie down.
So let us just review some of the major myths:

1. Hunting is a useful way of keeping the fox population down
This has been so comprehensively dismissed by a mass of evidence that it seems ridiculous to even have to mention it, but, just as you cannot convince an obsessed conspiracy theorist that Elvis really is dead, these toff democracy deniers will continue to regurgitate this myth. (70% of all fox deaths are caused by cars, hunts have been caught breeding them for their “sport”)
2. All people in the countryside support the Cuntryside Alliance’s views on repealing the hunting ban
when the research was done by objective outsiders it turns out that 65% of farmers – yes that’s farmers who own and manage the countryside for the benefit of all of us in our quest to eat food- hate the hunts because they tend to trash their land as the worst trespassers imaginable…
3. The hunting ban is a badly framed piece of legislation and deserves to be run roughshod over
The law was compromised by the hunting lobbyists to the point of allowing some ambiguity in what was allowed or not – disobeying it is something that is very clearly as easy as speeding down the motorway at 90 mph, yet no more morally correct than that, and they are surely not implying we should repeal the speeding laws?
4. Hunting is crucial to the economic survival of the rural areas including the ordinary working classes
Seven years in the statute books, the dole queues in the rural areas are hardly full of farriers and dog breeders. Of course this argument, if used to prevent coal mining closures, might have made more sense, but the Cuntryside Alliance is selfish like a red setter on heat, and just as open to rational thinking.

and that’s just the major myths…

But it looks like it might be necessary to gather together the democratic army of those who oppose hunting for the trespassing, soul destroying, primitive piece of bullshit it is, in order to counter the pernicious effect of the toffs with money and power who are steadily seeking to undermine the democratic process…

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