Where is the church going? Sex on knees?

gay-priestsCongratulations to the great thinkers in the CofE – on sticking so closely to the idiot thinking of the sex obsessed Catholics.
Let us now see the church “progressing” towards an “official position” on gay kissing at various levels of their priestly hierarchy…

What is the new understanding of the “common faith” of the Anglican communion? First we need to see what ordinary gay people – who for some perverse reason want to be recognised within the Church of England – are allowed to do, which is:-

“virtually anything but please don’t talk about it”.

Then, let’s move up to gay priests, who clearly represent the church in a way that ordinary (lesser) people cannot, and who I believe, are currently allowed to be in civil partnerships and live together in a vicarage -(but definitely not in Uganda). The point being that the established Synod allows a great deal of sexual orientation freedom in liberal (American and UK) churches and makes no judgement, indeed encourages the turning of a blind eye, to those homophobic, murdering Christians in African countries…

So brave, and so far so vomit-inducing to any Christ figure passively observing from on high…
But when you get to be a bishop, (and remember this is a special filtering post in a priest’s career, no women allowed into the silly hat club), different rules on the practice of sex apply…

Let us start with the non controversial area, gay bishops are now allowed…what?
They must be allowed to cuddle at a John Barrowman musical, surely?
and kissing in private? I am sure the archbishops and laity can come to a happy conclusion in a mass debate as to this being permissible. (Though I’d like to witness that mass debate).
Kissing in public? in full colour robes and silly hats?…inside a cathedral?
I can almost hear the murmurings, the rumblings of the homophobic consciousness stirring.

So let us then progress to the official church position on what is allowable in private:-
Use of massage oils, mutual masturbation, oral and other forms of non penetrative sex…
Presumably those are all OK for Gay bishops as long as they are in civil partnerships?
But its clear, isn’t it…
…that anal is right out – OH yes – that’s the big one they are all thinking of, and trying to suppress the thoughts about; the unimaginable, the one thing a bishop must never be allowed to do…
(unless they are straight and its with the wife).

The path they are heading down begs these insane questions about what sex really is, and why we should police it… We might even see the church progress, as one nominally secular US state once did, to insisting that:- since sex is a necessary evil accompanied by the devil’s creation, lust, that all sex should be conducted with hands tied… (I kid you not).
Thus can humanity be controlled and the moral structure of the church upheld!

Or should the mighty powers-that-be back track and say,
“NO! the gay bishops and their partners cannot touch each other!
No holding hands, even in private,
and definitely no holding privates!”.

I think that fundamentally,
the Church has failed to see how far and how fast,
it is disappearing up its own arse.

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