God doesn’t want to give Applebees any money

applebees-receipt-posted-to-reddit The story of Applebees firing a waitress is now international due to one thing – A mean pastor who was hugely embarrassed when her sneaky tip avoidance technique got made public.
People are talking about:-
How she is now sorry – yes, but only for getting caught and embarrassed.
How Applebees is a pro religious anti-labour bunch of completely hypocritical dirtbags – well that’s a strong possibility.
How she should not have lost her job – that’s a certainty.
What interests me is a slight side issue…
The median expected salary for a typical Pastor in the United States is $86,026.
These pastors are paid from the charitable giving of their congregations.
The same figure for the hard working waitress is $15,000
What makes this wage just livable is the giving from customers.
This pastor Bell wrote that she “gave God 10%” – presumably roughly $8,600 a year
and queried why she should give any more to the waitress (she gave none in fact),
presumably she believes the waiting staff should be happy with $15,000 a year (minus the tips, of approx @18%).
But what is this “giving to God” if not giving to human beings?
The churches are all taking tax breaks as charities, their income being from whence the pastors take their salaries – is not “God” giving the pastor $86k? and isn’t her giving 10% of it back rather a cheeky ruse to add to her total pot?
Seeing as her congregation is presumably made up of people that include all sections of the community it may be that some waitress is giving 10% of her $15k income to help that pastor get $86K and she doesn’t want to give an ordinary waitress her meagre wages…

If I were “God” I would insist on pastors receiving no pay at all, its too confusing to the holy tax collectors…

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