The Hitch lives on, in a way Jerry Falwell would have envied.

Hitch and Fry roast Catholicism in the biggest debate victory ever…

too right for many....

Hitch said when Jerry Falwell died that, “If they had given him an enema he could have been buried in a matchbox”.

The loss to the world today is one of a great raconteur, a great mind, a great thinker, and of someone who could change his mind based on facts, but not his principles – which were like a mountain.
His moral code may have appeared slightly less concrete but this was only his way of decrying certainty, – more than anyone else he showed how true morality springs from the educated secular mind and can never come from religious injunction.

Now he is gone there are a whole bunch of loudly pleased people of faith suggesting that they liked and admired him and trust that he is right now being pleasantly surprised…
Thus proving , in exactly the manner he would have predicted, their complete inability to tell rational argument from a pile of doggy poo.

Long live the Hitch – Omituaries has updated. …and may his brother speedily disappear from our public radar so the “evil twin” will not to grow out of his shadow.

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