Secular persecution and piss poor surveys

He doesn’t ever stop that Lord Carey… An easy target perhaps. An old buffoon in the House of Lords, there because he was once Archbishop of Canterbury, leader of the church of the free world… not.Justin Welby
(looking up and right, the new Cantab has a job to make it up as he goes along)

To become Archbishop of Canterbury – or “Cantab” to the other 25 bishops squatting in our upper house – you have to be a qualified academic, one who has studied the Bible in a scholarly manner, and who is able to counter all the arguments about its magic status or lack of any evidence base. A little like one can get a ‘degree’ is Astrology, which, of course, was considered a science back in the day that Christianity was imperially fortified.
This is the point really.
Why do we maintain that theology is, in the year of the common era, 2013, in some way valid? – that our state should have the Church of England as its adopted established church? as if we have to stay stuck in some strange backward time warp when God made Kings and they ruled us by brute force and his divine decree.

If there is ever a lack of progress towards the disestablishment of the CofE it should be countered with some hard facts –
for example:-
The Church used a survey it had commissioned to suggest that “4 out of 5 people believe in the power of prayer”.
This is clearly part of its attempt to bolster its position against the nasty aggressive secularisation that I and so many others are pursuing. The assertion is an attempt to imply that a majority of people have a faith in God, (never mind all the serious research that shows that prayer can have no effect upon others at all.)
There’s a BIG problem with this research.
The question they asked in their survey was, ‘Irrespective of whether you currently pray or not, if you were to pray for something at the moment, what would it be for?’
Which had 81% of people taking the survey giving a response of some sort.
This can no more legitimately be made to imply 4/5 believe in the power of prayer than if one asked “If you could ask a Genie for just one thing what would it be?” and insisted that the childlike responses show the percentage of people who believed in Genies.

It has come to a pretty pass when the desperation of the fading and primitive church, exposed as a fraud in so many ways, resorts to twisting Tabloid style surveys to try and ward off its inevitable decline.
Did they really believe this would not be exposed?
Is this feeble duplicity what a degree in Theology teaches these days?

Justin Welby says that people must be “barking mad” if they think he can solve the problems of the CofE – he’s right, this is supported by some research!
I give you my, made up on the spot, theologically appropriate survey:-
When 2000 people representing an enormous state sanctioned puddle of piss were asked how they would like to help dry out their huge piss soaked tent, 93% felt that standing on the inside, pissing, was a useful drying method.
I have no desire to outlaw stupidity, and maybe I am an “aggressive secularist”, but so should all sane people be…since secularism is the separation of church and state. The state is something I am involved in come what may. The church is something I should be free from, and everyone should be free to choose to be free from. If you choose to worship Eastenders, fine, its your TV, you can do that, aggressively if you so choose. If you want to demonstrate more spectacular stupidity, fine, you can believe in a God that pre-ordains stupid symbolism to help create and sustain insane creeds and beliefs.
But keep your representatives of your stupidity out of my state legislature,
thank you so much.

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