My favourite acts of God…

I love tornadoes, almost as much as God does, and these past two years have been crackers…

church destroyed by act of God

“The tornadoes that swept across much of the South on April 27 2011 destroyed four United Methodist church buildings in Alabama and one in Georgia.”

“Boone’s Chapel Baptist Church in Prattville, Ala., was heavily damaged by a tornado that struck the community Friday April 15th. The original brick structure, which was used as a chapel and the children’s education area, was a total loss, pastor Mike Johnson told The Alabama Baptist. The newer multipurpose section of Boone’s Chapel was damaged but should be reparable.
A father and his two adult children were killed in their homes on the edge of the Boone’s Chapel property. The church’s student minister lived in a home between the church and the two homes where the family members were killed, and his home was damaged by the tornado. ”

Catholic Church destroyed by Tornado in Joplin, MO May 2011 -“You might say a prayer for the priest and parishioners as they rebuild. Sometimes a set back like this can result in a blessing. Brick by brick.”

“Walmart was destroyed by tornado in Tushka, Oklahoma. Looks like it followed highway 75 if it hit the Church and school in Tushka, and the Walmart in Atoka.”

“26 Apr 2010 Tornado destroys Hillcrest Baptist church, in Yazoo City”

“2 May 2011 – Three members of the Ownbey Chapel Seventh-day Adventist Church in North dead, Church was destroyed”

“16 April 2011 BONNEAU, S.C.- Fire officials say a tornado has collapsed a church with six people inside near the town of Bonneau. There was no immediate word on injuries.
Melinda Wadford with the St. Stephen Fire Department auxiliary said Saturday she did not know whether anyone inside the church was harmed when the building collapsed.”

“Little Rock, AR Church destroyed in Jerusalem – After the tornado touched down in Appleton, it continued about five miles east to Jerusalem, destroying several homes, chicken coops, and a church.”

“Mississippi church destroyed twice, once by fire and once by tornado, celebrates rebuilding”


I could list more.
Not to mention the apparent earthquake peril after calling a town “Christchurch”…

These are my favourite things that insurance companies call “Acts of God”
I am sure that no sane person really believes they are Capricious Jesus in action. The fact that many of those killed as these horrific natural phenomena destroy churches, over and over again, do believe in the notion of divine intervention and a judgemental God, is not relevant to the strange coincidence of them deciding to build, and rebuild, their places of worship to this wrath-filled almighty in the Southern states…

Someone on an American Christian forum dared to ask the question, “Why?” and got these answers: Insanity abounds
My wonder at all these, in many ways “glorious”, events is that many of my friends would pay good money to be in the tornado chasing fraternity – many of whom have spent year after year trying to see one of these amazing forces of nature on the massive open farmlands of the southern United States. The fact is that it is still damn hard to find one…
They touch down on farm land mainly, because the area is so undeveloped that the chance of tornadoes hitting urban conurbations, or near a suitable roadside viewing point, is actually quite small.

But if,
just if… there was the remotest, possible, chance that an interventionist God did actually decide to take on the insurance industry –
IF that happened –
My wish is that instead of doing this piecemeal, confirmation-bias denial-corrected, destruction of just a few southern Christian churches – he should wipe every so called “Holy building” – every temple, church, synagogue, mosque, or other form of cemented sky-daddy praising place (yes, that means some lovely architecture gone, *sigh* the price of human progress)
off the face of the planet, all inside the space of 1 hour.
Every single one.

The cognitive bias crowd from atheist and faithful crowds would be joined by the Agnostics – since we would have marvellous proof that not only DOES God exist – but that he/it is really, bloody, pissed off at just how wrong every religious nut on the planet has been to date.

But knowing the religious type – they would surely manage to find a way to deny that it actually happened, reinterpret the “holy scriptures” and rebuild the hierarchical Sanity Clause denial shrines all over again…

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