Farewell to Bachmann Palin Overdrive

palin bachmannWith the news that Michele Bachmann (notice how close that name is to Michele Obama? – with the first name and the B and the M?  scary!) is retiring from trying to be president, and from the crazy-congress-gravy-train, it is apparently time to assess what she has contributed to politics…
This is a little too much like being asked to analyse what Jimmy Savile did for British Pop music.

But why did these crazy semi-literate women appeal to GOP voters in the first place? what did they offer in terms of policies or leadership skills that made them actually be taken seriously by the right wing media?

I think the answer lies in the nature of the right wing media and the GOP constituency who watch (never read) their TV appearances… Much pleasure was expressed at these two women’s appearance, as in, they were not grey haired old men.

and that’s it.

As Tina Fey pointed out with her word for word Palin interview pastiche. These two did not have a single policy or viewpoint that wasn’t self parody of the jaw-dropping kind.

No, the policies may have appealed to those who want to see Elvis wheeled out of area 51 with JFK and Jim Morrison on backing vocals to sing their crudely edited song, “How the fake moon landings did 9/11”, but that’s only the couple of thousand morons who write pro conservative brainstorm-BS on social media and comments pages.

The reason they got the airtime on Faux-News and in other media (many of whom were always in on the joke) was their looks… Politics is supposed to be “show business for ugly people” and while Hillary Goddam Clinton may do her best to fulfil this cliche, Bachmann and Palin actually have good looking actresses doing their satirical portraits.

So yes, she will be missed, due to the different side’s views of entertainment value – but then American politics has been missing a serious set of conservative politicians since Nixon – and he was the last honest one.

Farewell to Bachmann Palin Overdrive – who’ve been helping us see nothing for so long we have forgotten what something might look like.

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