Saatchi versus Saatchi

large prgenant man Charles Saatchi has been busy.

Trying to work out how he might come off best following the caught-on-camera instance of him shaking his wife warmly by the throat.

Hence his PR brain, and possibly his lawyer, cast in his own image, have decided to publicly divorce, (the public icon of women and men who also despise Charles Saatchi),              Nigella Lawson.

Dumb move.

His excuses and explanations have had all the mastery of PR management one might expect from a soulless psychopath having a bad day, and now, this message regarding his intention to divorce, released via the Mail on Sunday – a true match made in purgatory.

There is a lesson here, for all men behaving badly – (John Inverdale, this means you too, with your obscene comments about the new Wimbledon Women’s champion), excuses and PR attempts at justification are a sure fire way of cementing your image as a complete shmuck. It is far better to “Go out and hang yourself” – metaphorically – to publicly die of shame and say sorry in an extreme and yet humble manner.

Then, just maybe, the public can healthily imagine themselves in your position, and possibly forgive your sins against women in public life.

Which is not to say we should not be much more aware of the extent of rampant sexism and abuse of partners behind closed doors, which is a FAR bigger problem. What I am suggesting is that this behaviour, Messrs Saatchi and Inverdale, displays the widely held, and utterly unacceptable, sexist approach to life that is still requiring a public exposure and action on a long term basis.

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