Rape is a sexist joke in law.

(image from Standard.co.uk)

I’ve campaigned for years, but responses illustrate that everyone seems to be bogged down in the emotional detail.  (Link has raw image) The law of rape is wrong but, just maybe, the recent Twitter furore which included much on the moronic sexist tendency will lead us to finally understanding why…

When someone on twitter threatens to rape a woman – what they are doing is asserting their drive to dominate, overpower, own, and abuse someone whose very existence makes them feel inadequate. If, a woman was to threaten and carry out the same, or greater, degree of humiliation, domination and abuse, whether involving massive dildos or not, it could not in our law, be rape.

By definition rape involves a penis.

The punishments and weight of societal disregard for rapists are both far higher than they are for “Physical/sexual assault”. Lawyers know this and so will always try and cross examine any victim to persuade them that the tool of abuse might not have been a penis. This is the courtroom tragic farce we help to perpetuate by insisting that rape law remains based on the penile despoiling of women as a piece of (men’s) property.

I have publicly pursued the logic of the piece I link to above – many lawyers have agreed with the argument. Most agree it would lead to a significant increase in successful prosecution of abusive men, and the greater likelihood of victims coming forward, a double win. The Law commission considered it as a formal submission. Their verdict was that “it would not command the support of the UK public” – not that it was in itself flawed as a concept nor that it might not be a changing of the law for the better.

Politically, in 2013, the word “Rape” is too emotive for it’s legal status to be eliminated from our nation. I accept this. Maybe sometime long after I am dead people will realise that by falling into the emotional trap this represents, we helped preserve a bad law that ensures the most horrific sexual assaults will continue to go 99% unpunished.

The most recent twitter storm has been over aggressive morons abusing twitter to express their inadequacy in the faces of women exercising their nominal equality of status in society, (in law they are clearly not yet equal). My contempt for them is matched by similar contempt for all those who fail to even try to become self aware. The sexism, homophobia, monstering, and threats of abuse to those they see as a threat to their inner inadequacies will continue – supported and reinforced by the tabloid tendency. The real task here is to enable the mass of our population to sit and learn just who they are, and how to reconcile their inner demons with a community that has to live together or die.

Once this societal development is achieved, in perhaps another 500 years, then the rape law may be effectively dropped as no longer relevant.

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