You are intelligent and can see past adverts? Really?


Women – and men, Do you use shampoo? do you think it helps prevent your hair from becoming more weak, limp, lifeless, dull and straw-like, as apparently 2983 women asked by L’oreal do?
(Cheryl Cole is wrong, paid to lie, and to spout that hideous misanthropic shite, “Because you’re worth it”.)

I’m here to say….if you use shampoo (not just this brand, all brands) then you are not valuing your worth enough.

Science should tell you, Scepticism should tell you, journalists in women’s magazines should tell you. They don’t. Shampoo is bad for your scalp and hair. There are no exceptions, they are all made of combined water and harmful detergents (totalling 96 – 99% of bottle contents) plus insignificant or also harmful additives (less than 4%)

So why do you accept this abuse of your heads and your wallets?

If you really cannot face the month of withdrawal (itchy scalp, greasy hair) from the detergent drug that is the route to freedom I chose 22 years ago, then maybe you can go the halfway house  that women concerned with their appearances will likely find more acceptable. At least consider it…?

If you accept the reality of the bad-chemical escape this represents and follow this path, be aware:- this is just the start of an awakening that puts you at risk of rejecting a hundred other consumer rip-offs, becoming a huge anti-consumerism bore and saving yourself a massive pile of cash.

I have a litre tub of Morrisons shampoo (46p) in my bathroom. I use it in diluted and mixed form to clean surfaces, that is all it is good for.


Oh, and catch Dave Gorman’s show on Tuedays – “Chanel Dave… because you’re worth more”


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