“In the current climate…”

Policeman from the Blue LampIn light of my post some weeks back about the insanity of the Halifax behaving like idiots and getting the police onto me

– I thought it might pay to look at the casual use of the concept of “In the current climate”.

By this, the policeman who rang me made it clear, he meant the climate of terror threats as writ large in the press following the murder of a soldier wearing a “Help for heroes” T shirt.

What climate of terror is this that I am supposed to feel, and for how long has it existed?

Is it the one made visible in airport security the world over since 2003 and which occasioned Richard Dawkins to declaim the bureaucracy’s stooges as “Dundriges” because he broke the rules with a jar of honey?

Or the one that clearly must be eaten and ruminated upon daily, with hate-immigrant toast and tit-sauce, on the Tabloid editor’s desks, as they find an easy fear with which to sell prejudice to the public?

Or the one in which the insurance companies officially admit they do not bother to calculate a risk for insuring against death from terrorist action in the USA or UK, since that risk is somewhat lower than that of falling under a 97 bus due to wearing your pants over your head…

This “current climate” is a permanent one… of idiocy among the establishment classes who believe the same Tabloid rags as they feed with their patronisingly dumb rules about security against terrorism… that minimal extant terrorism they promote themselves by a history of unjust behaviour in foreign relations.

In the real world there is a climate that really should be causing politicians, serious journalists, and the wider world to fear, and that fear to be for the lives of millions, and for generations to come, more millions. It is a climate that has a risk attached to it related to burning fossil fuels and being smugly arrogant about it in the face of overwhelming evidence, and panic among the insurance industry heads as they see their risk coverage becoming untenable…

Fear is a tool that politicians and Tabloid Fatdickheads (see, I can make up new insulting names too, Mr Dawkins) love to use to sell their agenda. But if the rational fears of a real world collapse in infrastructure, agriculture and ecosystems were to be used that way – they can see themselves being quickly out of a job and a tabloid reading, TV mainlining, public out of control. So they hush it up…

“Keep driving, throw another lump of coal on the fire, it may never happen,”

but unlike a victory for terrorism, it will.

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