Poor Paul Flowers – so different from the others who haven’t been caught

PAUL-FLOWERSIsolated in ignominy, everyone is having fun monstering Paul Flowers and anyone mad enough to be associated with him.  He has been a silly man, that is true, and as a Methodist minister and failed bank chairman the cries of “Hypocrite!” haven’t been slow to form in the mouths of media men and politicians alike…

Which is a bit rich…

This outraged crew are part of an elite who are morally no superior to the man with inappropriate images on his computer – this kind of corruption, drug taking, fraud, cheating and lying are not a rare exception among this elite group, they are very common. What is rare is being caught.

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When these guys consistently get away with the biggest lies of all, and an even worse pretence of competence, it feels a little bit like the worst sort of projection from people who may be quietly thinking, “there, but for my Masonic lodge…”

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