IDS stuns Christian charity with brilliant impression of Satan.

Iain the devil wannabeThe Trussell trust, a Christian charity that has been desperately developing food-banks to cope with demand, is non-plussed.

Whilst the Tories busily help major corporations avoid more tax every quarter than has been falsely claimed from benefits since the Welfare state was invented…

The Trust is astonished that Iain Duncan Smith has rejected talks about how we might deal with the fact that the massive figures, regarding steadily increasing demand for Samaritan-like help, have become a norm due to his Party policies and Welfare deforms.

Remember the quiet man? The man who understands because, whilst he has married into landed gentry millions, has also been “unemployed”, and homeless, twice? The one who the Tories chose to lead them, then booted out before he even fought an election, because he wasn’t enough of an unleashed Rottweiler?

He is now better known as the definition defying man who has been put in charge of Welfare “Reform”,  the universal credit – a system he claims will very soon be both saving money (for the hard working super-tax payer) on benefits paid out, whilst simultaneously helping some of the poorest to be better off on these same benefits. Penn & Teller would already be klaxon-sounding “Bullshit!” at this point – but even they would probably have trouble with the line IDS has taken in attacking the Trussell trust as “self-publicising”, and playing, “overt politics”, with regards to the number of food-banks they have already set up and the demand for more.

Mr Duncan-Smith is implying that the demand is a false one, that the Trussell trust are lying, and that the fact (he would say the suggestion) that welfare screw-ups are causing the impoverishment and the poor’s embarrassing demand for food, is somehow a political slur. This, when recorded cases of suicide over losing such benefits are greater in number than Tory councillors in Sunderland.

It so happens that I sign vouchers for poor adults in one of the comparatively better off, conservative, areas of England:- Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. When I joined the programme I didn’t believe there would be much demand; how wrong I was… the demand comes from embarrassed ordinary, formerly hard working family people, who, due to the failures of the benefits department,  find they cannot feed their children. They are given vouchers for a maximum of three weeks, and gratefully take these up because they would otherwise have children crying for food…

in Gloucestershire, England, Christmas 2013

This, Mr Duncan-Smith,  is why I have no hesitation in suggesting that you have moved into the top five of the list for criminal prosecution when the revolution comes; you sanctimonious, arrogant, over-privileged alien horror from another planet.

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